The Benefits of Choosing the Right Child Custody Attorney

The welfare of their children is typically the top consideration for parents going through a divorce. But if they’re not handled correctly, the questions of child custody and visitation can turn into a major cause of stress, resentment, and conflict in their lives.

A child custody and visitation lawyer can assist parents in negotiating a just parenting plan and resolving their conflicts amicably through mediation. She will also tenaciously defend her clients’ interests in court if required. She can decide what arrangements, whether it be sole physical custody or shared custody, are in a child’s best interest in order to make sure they spend adequate time with both parents. For more information, you may visit

The Law Offices of Catherine Ryan, with an Augusta location, deals with family law issues such as divorce and separation. Using her more than 40 years of experience, she puts her clients in the best possible position to win their custody battles. She works with parents who want supervised visitation, exclusive custody, or any other arrangement, but her top concern is always the child’s health and safety.

In the event that a just settlement cannot be reached, she can assist parents in learning how to be ready for trial and provide proof to back up their claims. She can also help in securing other expert assistance, like psychiatric testing by custody evaluators and counselling for parents and their kids. When circumstances change, she can even help clients amend an existing child custody and visitation order.

This family law practice not only handles custody disputes but also provides individuals with legal advice on related matters including adoptions and child support. Its legal team represents clients in child custody adjustments and assists clients in understanding how much child support they should receive according to state laws. In addition, they can manage issues involving property division, personal injury, contentious and uncontested divorces, stepparent adoptions, and spousal and partner support.

Fulcher Hagler LLP was established in 1946 and assists families in resolving marital issues by offering legal support for spousal and partner support, custody arrangements, property settlements, paternity establishment, grandparents’ visitation rights, and adoptions. Its lawyers have expertise with both in-court litigation and out-of-court settlement negotiations.

The Law Offices Of Sheila Grider Wahman, which is situated in Augusta, provides legal support to families dealing with a range of problems, including divorce, custody and visitation challenges, and domestic abuse conflicts. Its attorneys make sure that a child’s best interests are taken into account in every decision-making by using their in-depth knowledge to draft comprehensive Parenting Plans. They can also handle certain issues like divorces involving military personnel and relocation. In addition, the firm helps with wrongful death, personal injury, and estate preparation.

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