Who’s Who

Lil Miss: Eldest Daughter
Lil’lady: Youngest Daughter
TheMan: Ex-husband
Millie: Ex-mother-in-law
Lil Man: Eldest grandson
Bebe: Granddaughter
Lil Fats: Youngest grandson
DB: Drunk brother
Other Sis: Middle sister
Lil Sis: Youngest sister

Biff: Friend from childhood (ex-best friend)
Lucifer: MyDude: ex-lover
An actual demon – or fallen angel. Depends on the mood.

Mews and Enzo: cats
Spooky Jim: my shorkie dog
Luna: my husky Was my husky

Personal dictionary:
WATB: Whiny Ass Titty Baby
Crazy Hoors: Self-explanatory

*More coming, I’m sure.