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Recent there was a brush up at EC1, a site of which I’ve previously been very supportive2. They changed some things as they are wont to do– throw it up and hope for the best (or worst at the case may be). People throw fits, Graham throws fits, people leave, Graham tells them to kiss his ass. Blah blah blah. Not very interesting.

Anyway, during this last thing, I was a little perturbed about how a certain member was treated in the forums, but at the time I was mostly disgusted by the idiocy coming from the admins. So, I said so and then promptly removed my widget (I think my userid was 1170 at the time). Pfft.

Someone decided that they would let me in on a secret. They asked not be outed and I’ll respect that, but they showed me that this particular EC member, who was yelling about being falsely accused, wasn’t really being falsely accused. I can’t say that this particular blogger did what they were accused of– because I don’t have access to their mindset and what’s happening in their behind-the-scenes — but someone showed me that it was offered up. Interesting, yes, a little. But damning? Not really.

I thought momentarily about busting it out in the forums. I even offered a weak apology on Twitter. But you know what? If that person didn’t want to disclose that they did (or didn’t) do a certain thing, then that’s their business. And the way they were outed was fucked up, irresponsible and unprofessional. So, I’m not offering up anything for anyone to use against anyone else– unless it’s for a worthy cause. This cause most certainly isn’t.

So, I just want to ask that if people are going to send me bits of info that might outrage me and cause me to act irrationally please don’t send me info about EC. I’m done with all that and don’t want involved. Well, the pointing and laughing is always fun, but since I found out he’s actively looking for bad publicity… more pfft. I’m not really sure why this information was passed along to me in the manner it was. I’m sure it has something to do with my being outspoken, but I’d like to not be the go-to gal for EC related drama and/or outings/pwnage. Not anymore at least.

Thanks for taking the time to read this crap. Thankfully it’s the last you’ll see for a while.

(P.S. No further questions will be answered regarding this issue. Don’t waste your breath asking. MEH.)

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