I thought I better take a quick minute to update on my status. Just in case anyone still cares.

I’m currently working another part-time job, along with my other one (two if you count the other shit I do to make money). That doesn’t leave me much energy or inspiration to blog or be social in any sense of the word. I’m also in negotiations with my father-in-law’s company to do a website for them. That’s pretty exciting for me because, well, I’d actually get paid. So, what little free time I do have that’s not spent with Lil’lady is spent brushing up on my education. Not even time for a real book. Ha!

Lil’ Miss has moved out of town completely. She’s out on her own and we don’t talk much right now. It’s kind of sad for me because I’m so used to being updated on her every move. Now I’m lucky if I can find her to chat on the phone. She’s graduated high school and has flown the nest.

TheMan has decided that he’s going to take welding certification courses. I think that’s pretty damned awesome because his previous goal of becoming a high school history teacher was just so, um, lofty1. Plus there is a higher demand for welders and they make better money than school teachers. And my husband’s communication skills are better suited for the factory than the classroom. So, I’m much happier that he’s doing this.

At this point I’m not the slightest bit up-to-date on what’s happening in the political arena. And I have no desire to catch up. Honestly I’m just trying to focus on my own life, as selfish as that may be. I know that the bank that bought our mortgage increased it substantially and that our two credit cards have increased their fees and that groceries aren’t going down, but AEP was permitted to raise the electric rates. I know that people in my town are still struggling and we’re not seeing any relief– if there is any. And that pisses me off. It pisses me off because the fucking banks and utilities still get to do whatever the hell they want. It pisses me off that the few times I wrote to Bob Taft (when he was our governor) were answered but Ted Strickland can’t be fucking bothered. It pisses me off that Zack Space is more interested in fund raising than helping our community though his predecessor always found a way to bring money to his district. And it pisses me off more because both of Strickland and Space are Democrats who replaced corrupt Republicans. Taft drove this state to hell, I know, but Strickland seems to be twiddling his thumbs and doing very little either way. And because I don’t need to be pissed off any more than I am right now, I’m tuning politics out for now.

Anyway, I’m off to work now. Peace, love and lollipops.

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  1. My poor husband can’t even check his email properly and is so technologically ignorant believed at one point that I could tap his cell phone through my computer. Yes, he really does think I’ve got more skills than I actually do. []

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