This Guy, Man

I’m starting this post while waiting ithe lobby at the courthouse. It’s our final pretrial hearing. TheMan doesn’t want to pay spousal support and I am not having it.

Not long after I filed for divorce my attorney asked me for bank statements. So I printed out the last 8 year’s worth1. As I was looking at them I realized something. That motherfucker had siphoned 10s of thousands of dollars over th e course of the marriage. And he was slick about it.

We had 2 bank accounts and every other day he’d take $20-30 out of mine and $40-60 out of his. He said it was for gas or something but he was using the debit cards for that. I was in tears by the time I was done highlighting. Tears of rage and hatred. He’d told me we were too broke for just about everything. I went without a lot of things because I thought we couldn’t afford stuff for me. And he was hiding money.

So, I refuse to back down on spousal support. Fuck it. He can pay up for a couple of years and help me get back on my feet. I’m about to lose my home, my health insurance and my car. He can get fucked by a flaming cactus.

He didn’t even bother to show today. Guess he had more pressing shit to do than appear at court. Whatever. We go for our final hearing June 15. The judge will decide if I get anything. I’m pretty sure I’m fucked2but I’m going to give it my best shot.

Also, I sent an apology letter to MyDude. I felt like after my period of self-reflection it was the best thing to do. Honestly, it was mostly something I needed to do for me. I’ll apologize one more time to someone else and that period of my life will be over. I know a lot more about myself now at any rate. I feel relieved in a way. Like a puzzle has been solved. And, no, I don’t want to reestablish any kind of communication with him. There is no need to reopen that door. Let the past stay behind me etc, etc.

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  1. TheMan and I attempted to divorce once before. []
  2. I’ll explain why some other time. []
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