The Devil Went Down to Georgia

About a month and a half ago I was crying and asking my gods why the fuck don’t I get some good karma for once. I was sad and miserable and empty. I felt like my gods and ancestors were just playing with me for cruel shits and giggles. Like they were continually punishing for something I couldn’t fathom I did.

But I was so wrong. In fact, I am a very blessed person.

Years ago, during Occupy Wall Street, a certain bunch of progressives on Twitter started some great friendships. I was lucky enough to meet Lars back then. I don’t know what happened. I think I was probably giving someone the what-for and he happened to think it was hilarious1. Over time we got to know each other and became good friends. Fast-forward to about a year ago.

Lars invited me down to Georgia. I said “sure! When I can get some money.” I meant it too. I wanted to travel a bit last summer and thought that would be perfect. Except my life happened again. My negative brain told me that he wasn’t serious anyway and I would ultimately fuck something up anyway. Then the fall and winter and… So, when he invited me again after the Sam thing, well, I said no at first. I appreciated the offer, but money was tight and I didn’t want to be a burden.

He wasn’t having that nonsense. Neither was Lil’lady. She begged me to say yes and he offered to help pay. So, I decided to throw caution to the wind and trust my gut. He and his wife ultimately offered to fly Lil’lady and I down. I’d never flown before. Of course, I said yes. Wow. This is amazing.

I’d never actually met Lars or his wife face-to-face. So, we were both taking a risk. We could all be serial killers and ending up chopping each other up for stew. I actually considered that for about 1.25 seconds. Then I let that go. I trusted that they wouldn’t chop me up and that was that.

I am so damned happy that I went down there. Firstly, the weather for my first flight was absolutely beautiful2. Then we got down there and I finally met Lars. And holy shitballs. I felt instantly comfortable with him. We have been friends for years even though this was our first face-to-face and it felt like we’d been friends that long. We had plenty to talk about. We had nice conversation down to Senoia3. That part of Georgia is absolutely beautiful. I’d never been to Atlanta before, so I was really excited. And now they all know that when I’m excited I’m like a child.

When we got to Senoia we had lunch at Nic and Norman’s , which was fantabulous. But then we went on The Walking Dead Tour. OMG. I had a blast. Seeing where everything was (and will be) filmed was so incredibly fun for me. I might as well have been at Disney Land4. Now that I know how filming is actually done I’ll probably watch the show with a different eye. But that’s ok. I’m still a huge fan. The bad part was that filming started today. The day I get home. That’s perfect luck. I have decided it was probably for the better because this was about as perfect as a vacation I could have. Which means that I wasn’t supposed to see any of the cast and crew this time. That’s ok because I loved our tour guide even though she was my least favorite character in the show.

When we met the family every single person was so welcoming. Lil’lady and I immediately felt at comfortable with them. I felt like those were my people. Like I really fit in with them. I was afraid that they would decide they hated me afterall5 but, nope. They actually invited us back! I’m pretty sure that they were actually sincere. Shoot, I hope they didn’t think I’d say no, because I sure didn’t do that. I just told them I’d be back on Wednesday6

I love Atlanta and the area where they live. I loved spending time with them. Lil’lady was so enamored she asked me if I could just leave her there. Ah, if only I could leave us both there and bring down my Spooky Jim. Ha! Sadly, I had to come back to the stinky armpit that is the place where I live.

I’m kind of busy in my back-in-Ohio7 life, so enjoy some photos from my trip. If you follow me on Instagram8 you can see some videos. There were some hilarious drunk videos up but, um, yeah, I took those mofos down9. At any rate, we’ve decided we’re moving down there at some point. And this time it’s not just me blowing smoke up my own damned ass.

I like geeky stuff, politics, squirrels and monkeys.

  1. I met a lot of good friends that way. []
  2. I had a window seat. []
  3. Pronounce Sen-Oy. []
  4. Honestly, I’m afraid of how far I’d revert back toward childhood if I ever went there. I’m way too old too be squealing like that. []
  5. I can be abrasive. []
  6. Didn’t say which Wednesday. []
  7. Apparently pathetic []
  8. Or Twitter, really. []
  9. I showed Lil Miss and we about fell out laughing so hard. That’s all I’m saying. I don’t even remember putting those fuckers up. []

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