More Fun with PUMAs

Guess what! Give up? Well, Francine (aka SouthJerseyPUMA) wrote me another email. I guess she figured she’d shut her caps off this time. Now this email is a reply to a subscription to “The Early Bird is Flippin’ Tired“. Francine (aka Southwaytoostupid) checked the box to subscribe. That’s important and you’ll see why. She then … Read More

Fun with PUMAs

SouthJersyIMSOSTUPID sent me an email via my contact form. Seems she (he?) was busy editing her (his) own comments that she(he) had left here yesterday. And she (he) took screencaps to prove that she’d left comments here and I was censoring her (him). What SJISS doesn’t realize that when folks try that shit with me, … Read More