The VP Debate

I was able to watch the VP debate last night and only made the effort to do so to see if Palin would screw up. She didn’t screw up too bad- except for all those questions she refused to answer and the fact that she differed with McCain on a key issue and her insistence that the VP should have more legislative powers than granted by the Constitution- and that was slightly disappointing1. But, damn, did her little cutsie act got on my last available nerve.

Look, I’m from “the Heartland” and “Main Street”2, so I know a little about how the common folk hereabout act. When we’re not serious, we laugh at ourselves by making fun of Valley Girls3 or maybe get our hillbilly twang on. But that’s when we’re not about serious business.

We never do that shit Palin did last night with the winking and the “You betcha” and “doggone it” when we’re engaging in serious activities such as addressing the entire United States. Not only that, but it is deeply offensive that the pundits and her “advisors” think that this is somehow speaking our “language”. As a matter of fact, we expect more from our elected officials (in fact anyone who calls themselves “professional”) than that kind of nonsense. Those of us here in the Heartland call that kind of stuff snide, condescending and flippant. We don’t take seriously people who act like Sarah Palin did last night. She’d have been better off being openly sarcastic and using “big” words instead of talking down to us real “Americans”.

By the way, Sarah, we know in which country we live, darling child woman, you don’t have to constantly drone on about “America”, “Americans” and “America… America… America”. I’m sorry if you need to keep reminding yourself that you’re not addressing the Alaskan Secession Party (or whatever it is, I don’t even care). Maybe you should have put that in your notes? “Note: Americans know they’re Americans. No need to keep telling them that.”

Ok, where was I? Oh, yes, her unbearably cute spiel. Honestly, it was bad enough that everyone thought Biden had to handle a grown woman with kid gloves (she’s got executive experience, dontcha know), but then to behave in a way that looked as if the area between her ears is a vast void? Maybe if she actually read those vast resources of information, she’d know that women don’t have to put on the stupid-girl act to be taken seriously anymore. As a matter of fact, who can possibly take her seriously with that kind of image she was perpetuating?

Besides the deeply Republican and idiot pundits, I mean.

I want the world to know, that serious and intelligent people that hail from the Heartland4 don’t behave in such a manner. We do take serious situations seriously and we take comfort in our intellect. Well, most of us do, anyway. We know that it is customary to save cutsie for those times when we’re have a laugh or making fun of someone else (say, the VP candidate on the Republican ticket). She was not “speaking our language”. At least not mine.

At any rate, I asked Bush-loving and McCain fan, Millie, what she thought of Palin’s act. Millie, for those that don’t know, is a professional type person (unlike yours truly) and believes that people should behave a certain way when in public. She was the one that called her “flippant” (I stole her word). She couldn’t believe that a woman running for a national, public office would go on like that- even though she was happy that Palin frequently went Evangelical5. She said that she’s smart6 so why doesn’t she act it? I told her she was speaking to people in the “Heartland” and trying to get down and dirty with regular folks. “We don’t need someone who would embarrass herself like that on national television.”

Sadly, Millie will vote for the McPalin ticket. That is not the point though.

  1. What? You expected more from me? []
  2. Though I don’t live on Main Street and that whole meme grates on my nerves. []
  3. The females and sometimes males do this with abandon at times. Quite, um, embarrassing. []
  4. That phrase, too, is driving me straight out of my skin. []
  5. ”Her reward is in Heaven” and “God bless ‘em.” []
  6. I disagree. []

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So, when someone tells you that Palin has an amazing approval rating let them know that less than 200,000 people agree with that assessment. Alaska is the largest state by land mass in the U.S. But when the number of voters is broken down, well, would Palin fare so well in a state with larger numbers of registered voters? If less than 200K people agree with her policies, why should we be happy about her approval rating?

Totally safe for work and kids.

So, children, if you plan to vote for Palin because she has the same chromosomes as you, well, stand proud, P.A.N.T.H.E.R.

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I like geeky stuff, politics, squirrels and monkeys.