The Netroots Got it Wrong

I saw a quote today that made my eyes bleed.

You know the Day the Blogosphere Died? It was when it decided to defend NBC’s sexism and misogyny in order to score points against Hillary Clinton. There was a time when the Netroots agreed with me that we needed Fighting Dems, that Obama was not measuring up on that score. But the Obama Cult has taken over in its entirety. . . The Netroots are dead.

The Netroots are dead because not everyone is getting behind Hillary? Let’s not forget that Senator Clinton not only supported the fiasco in Iraq, but also refuses to acknowledge the right of gay/lesbian couples to marry1. She recklessly held out voting against more money to Iraq until she was sure which side was going to win (Obama did it, too) and has consistently shown herself to be part of everything that’s wrong with Washington. But, because she’s a woman, she’s losing only because of her breasts? Liberals are against her because she is the worse of the two. She is undependable and untrustworthy. Will she end the war? Not if it’s not in her best interests. Will she back equality for all? No, because it’s distasteful for her to openly stand for everyone’s right to be legally married. Will she really do anything about the current health care crisis? Give me a break. She’s had years to work on that, but for the last 7 years she’s handed money to King George to do with what he wanted.

No, in my opinion, the Netroots ended when Kucinich was chucked under the bus because he was “unelectable”. Kucinich, though monkey-ugly, stood up for his principles and never floundered to looke “electable”. He wanted what was best for the citizenry as a whole, not just the oil-controlling corporations. If the Netroots really, truly wanted change in this country, they certainly missed their opportunity. Sure, they wanted to prove that they love Blacks and women. So, they chose between Clinton and Obama: Kucinich obviously being a white male didn’t fit good enough for them. But they ignore the history of the two minorities running. It doesn’t matter the skin color or the gender of the candidate. It matters where they stand on the issues. I was under the impression, at one time, that the Netroots stood for equality and an end to this “war”.

I, obviously, was wrong.

Now, the group is separating and pairing off against each other to see which side is the most “tolerant”. That’s fine. Except both sides are backing the same person in different clothing. They missed their chance with this one. At least a chance to be taken seriously by those of use who really care about the issues. We’re at a point where we have to chose between two stink laden candidates, or defect to the other side. Or, of course, just write in Dennis, who won’t accept if he were to win because he’s following the flippin’ policies of the P.O.S. party. Gah!

How strong is my dislike for Hillary Clinton? If she wins the nomination, there is no way I’m voting for her. I don’t care who the other side picks. I look at Sen. Clinton as just another cog in the wheel that’s taking this country straight down the toilet. I can’t wait to have a woman president, but she’s not the woman I want representing me. If she’d have honestly stuck by her words and shown herself to be truthful, I might be singing a different tune. But she’s a liar. Not because of her womanhood, but because of her history of siding with The King. She’s no better, in my eyes, than any of the other Blue Dog Dems- which aren’t any better than the Bush Republicans.

I might, though, be persuaded to vote Obama. If Mickey Mouse isn’t available for the job.

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  1. Having already declared she prefers the term “civil union” for our second class citizens. []


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