Just a Small Celebration

Today was a hard day. But it was also an awesome day. My emotions were all over the place. Holy shitballs.

First, let’s celebrate, shall we?

My friend, Lars, and his wife, Beth, have invited Lil’lady and I down to their home in Georgia. I want to tell the world how thankful I am to know them. I met Lars first – on Twitter, of course. I don’t remember how. I used to be so active and I’ve met so many wonderful people on that platform. I saw a meme that read “On Twitter you learn to love people you’ve never met. On Facebook you learn to hate everyone you used to love.” Or something to that effect. It’s true though. These beautiful people reached out to me and offered their home to us for nothing. They expect nothing but my amazing company1. And they are helping me get there. I will admit that I am in tears right now. We finalized the plans today.

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  1. I certainly hope I don’t disappoint them. I’m so nervous. []