Because I just didn’t Know

Well, tomorrow starts real life again. I was hid away for the last couple of days. I won’t say it was very fun, but it was kind of re-energizing. I didn’t have a lot of drama to deal with and the jacuzzi was a little bit of fun.


Anyway, I don’t know if you follow me on Twitter or not1, but I mentioned my history (World Civilization 2) professor the other day. Seems he very much believes that Mexico (you know, the one south of the border) is NOT a part of North America. He mentioned “South America” and “Central America” a few times in one class session– each time referring to Mexican Native People. I became concerned, perturbed and downright frustrated with this. Here was a professor with a doctorate and shit and he was saying something that was making my brain turn to mush (I generally like history, by the way, so shhhh). Had I been mislead and instructed wrongly all of these years? What about the media that was telling me that Mexico is, in fact, part of North America? Why had I ever believed such LIES?!

I even questioned the good Doctor (ha!) after class was over.

Me: You kept saying Mexico wasn’t part of North America. Is this a new thing?

Him: No. It’s never been a part of North America.

Me: Really? I’d never heard that. Then why are they part of NAFTA?

Him: walks away shaking his head

I was concerned for my very sanity. I was obsessed with finding out when Mexico became not-apart of North America. I went to my next class and Whoo! There’s a computer with an internet connection2. So, I go to teh Google for the truth.

Was I insane or is my prof a “crack-smoking freak“?

I am not insane. He is a freak.

Besides learning that my history professor (with his flippin’ doctorate) is geographically impaired I learned something else– equally valuable. Something that shocked and appalled me because I do not hold a doctorate and do not claim to be uber-smart but thought I was relatively “in the know”. I learned that….

Greenland is part of North America too! Woo! Not only that, but I also learned that everyone in my real life to whom I asked the question “What continent does Greenland belong to?” was just as clueless as I. That so made my day.

Just another bit of knowledge stored for that wonderful day when someone will invite me to a Trivia Pursuit tournament and I can happily impress everyone else with the fact3 that I know a little about a lot but not a lot about anything. ;)

Peace, love and lollipops.

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