TheMan Has Lost His Mind

So, I have a funny story. Oh, yes. It is hilarious.

I have the littles this weekend. Lil’lady went with her dad to take Millie to lunch. I spent most of my time dodging Lil’est as she jabbers in my ear1. I haven’t bothered to even put on makeup today. No point in it. Today is Read More

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  1. She’s still at it. Gods bless her. []

You’re Copyright, Huh?

Updated below

Dear Idiot,

© Yuri Arcurs -

© Yuri Arcurs –

In case you just can’t see it, there’s a copyright symbol under that image. Do you see it? Huh? Because it’s pretty damned obvious to me.

Now, I challenge you to produce the license that says you are the copyright holder of this image1. Or any of the images that you use on your commercial website2

Otherwise, shut the fuck up and stay out of my goddamned way, you twit. You lost. Get the fuck over it and move on.

Now, I challenge you to produce the license that says you are the copyright holder of this image1. Or any of the images that you use on your commercial website2

Otherwise, shut the fuck up and stay out of my goddamned way, you twit. You lost. Get the fuck over it and move on.

For those that want to see the smack down girlie took I have screencaps and they’re uploaded. Here’s where she decided to go tell because I told her to back off3 and here’s where she just gave up and completely lost her mind.

Here’s the message I received today in my inbox. You’ll see that, um she’s claiming this is her copyright. I have to use “her”4 image because…. Well, see you can’t claim copyrights when you’ve altered the original artist’s work. So there ya go.

Oh, and if some dumbass bitch wants to ask about my usage rights (because dumbass bitches do dumbass shit) I paid for the image from I have written proof to back that up, including the date and time that I purchased it5. If you6 would like to purchase the usage rights, please see Fotolia or even It’s less expensive at, but you have to buy bigger packages. I haven’t done enough investigating of images on that site7.

Also, if you use an image of someone else’s fabulous body (with or without the usage rights) and someone asks “Are those really your abs, Glam?” I suggest that you don’t say “Yes”. Because, you know, some day someone – who is not as stupid as you wish they were – will find out that no those are not your abs. At which point you will probably be declared an attention-seeking, shit-stirring troll8.

Back to the, um, subject of this post.

You’re getting two free links from me and those motherfuckers are nofollow free. If you have the lady-balls to bring it here, then comment. I won’t censor your shit, honey (I put that comment back online for ya, sweet cheeks), but you get no free passes from me. You can stamp your pretty little foot in the forums or wherever the fuck you throw your tantrums, but I will not allow my online sanity be disrupted by someone who doesn’t even have the goddamned sense to make sure I can’t find evidence of her LIES. Nor will I stand by while myself or my blog are libeled. You are out of your league with this bullshit, darling.

When you can fit the big girl shorts, please come back to see us. Otherwise, back the fuck off.


The Copyright Police shared this in the comments. However, it didn’t quite fit right. So, I’m putting it here.


Theyre your abs? Really?

They’re your abs? Really? Everyone, please note the words “I am wearing NO shirt.”
Image credit: Yuri Arcurs –

I like geeky stuff, politics, squirrels and monkeys.

I Heard a Rumor Today

I’m a little over all this bullshit drama. But it seems assholes are still assholes even when they’ve been ripped a new asshole. I was actually debating taking this fucking beef somewhere else, but I’ll wait. I’m all patient like that. Like a cat hunting a loon, I’ll watch, wait and carefully consider my next move. If the loon was smart she’d take flight and stay away from the agitated cat.

I’ve got a little tidbits of advice for any crazy bitches little birdies who might flit around this way.

  1. Make sure you don’t have any existing enemies that might know anything about you.
    None. Nada. Zilch. Keep your personal shit to yourself and when you stab your friends in the back, they won’t have any ammo to use against you. For instance, don’t ever claim to be the child of a state attorney general who has argued cases in front of the United States Supreme Court. Some people have access and know how to use services such as Google, Findlaw and the Big Daddy- Westlaw. Someone who you’ve wronged may be more than willing to provide information against you. Such as when people send strangers emails containing a fuckton of shit that was just Wow! {This part was added for clarification.}

  2. Keep a low profile after you’ve already been outed all over the big ol’ Intertoobs.
    When you allow your base instincts to take over again (mostly because you lack the ability to learn from your mistakes) you’re likely to make more enemies. Who needs more than you’ve already got?

  3. Should you ever decide to poke the cat, make sure that you don’t leave trace evidence of who you are at the site of the poking.

    Never use your name in your emails when you try to leave threatening comments. You might as well have left your name and address. That’s so far beyond stupid that stupid looks down right genius.

  4. Learn the definition and legal history of the word “Libel”.

    This is really important because of a certain birdie’s tendency to do such a thing. How many people did she threaten with copyright infringement before someone who is smarter than she wishes they were blew that lie to the wind? Were any of these people using the disputed in the commission of their business? If so, do any of these people realize that the copyright lie has been exposed? Would they like to know? Do they have legal recourse?

  5. Never imply that a lawsuit is in the works unless there is a lawsuit.

    Also, make sure your bank statement is meaty enough to be able to defend such an allegation. In the United States, the burden of proof in a civil action is on the plaintiff. Bringing a lawsuit against a citizen of another country could be exceedingly expensive, but bringing a lawsuit against someone whom you’ve personally wronged? Tsk, tsk.

  6. The FBI?

    If you were to have a person believe that the FBI is indeed involved in a case of copyright infringement (where there is no copyright as evidenced by this post) well that person would be even more stupid than you.
    Because you used “Anonymous” while posting a harassing (blatantly untrue statement made for the purpose of intimidation in this case) you are, in fact, violating the Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005 (H.R. 3402).

  7. Ignorance of the law is no excuse
  8. Just because someone mailed certain people your true identity (which was never outed on this blog) and those people were able to use Google, does not mean that you are not in violation.
  9. Let sleeping cats lie.

I have a policy on this blog- a policy to which many liberal sites adhere. I don’t ever out people. I might bust your bold-faced lies wide open, but I won’t out you. If you wish to be pseudonymous then that’s fine by me. If someone happens to share your personal information with me I won’t share it publicly. I cannot stop that same person (who contacted me) from contacting other people and giving them that same information.

I strongly disagree with any type of personal outing and will remove myself from that situation- simply because the very act of outing (unless in the commission of a crime) is distasteful for me personally. I just don’t believe in it- unless the person being outed is guilty of a heinous crime (child molestation, for instance) or is, in fact, libeling someone else. I think that someone’s online “personas” are up in the air, especially if those personas have a history of stalking, harassment, and otherwise bullying behavior online. For instance, if “Passion” was doing something and I knew “Passion” to be someone else, I might mention her other name. Maybe.

However, if someone is so crazy to continue along the path she’s going- for instance threatening lawsuits all over the Internet and other unsavory things – then someone might find herself involved in yet another criminal action. I don’t need the attention this could garner me, of course, so it would be all hush-hush (except to the few people with whom I have email and/or telephone contact- I reserve the right to point and laugh at loons). I reiterate that I will not have myself or my blog libeled nor will I be bullied. I have the right to peaceful enjoyment of my domain and to be free of psycho hosebeasts who just don’t know when to quit.

Step down. Take a deep breath. And find some cutie on Craig’s List who might be able to give you the attention you are so craving. It’s not everyone around you that’s out of their minds, you know.

I like geeky stuff, politics, squirrels and monkeys.