And then there were… OMG!!!

I was going to do a post regarding Nadya, the litter-producing mom. But that was before I saw Miz UV’s post. Why should I do one that would pretty much say the same thing? Go there and read hers.

One thing I’d like to add about the tax thing, though.

No one is going to have their taxes raised because some woman decided to crank out 8 babies. They’re not going to pass a levy in her town so that she can get that ginormous welfare check. If she does get government assistance the money will come from taxes that are already being paid. And if the state/county has to hire one more social worker to keep an eye on this lady, so what? At least that’s one more person who has a job.

Choice is choice is choice. Also, it takes a village and all that jazz. Additionally, many people have come from HUGE ass families1 and have actually felt they were better from the experience than someone (for instance) who was an only child. That’s not to say their mothers didn’t lose their ever-lovin’ minds (I know I’d go bonkers in a heart beat), but a lot of the kids grew up close to their siblings and formed relationships that were more beneficial than a $300 video game and/or $200 pair of shoes2.

I’m just sayin’. Also.

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