She just wants to be loved

She just wants for someone to make her feel wanted,

to make her feel Loved.

So she settles for the half truths, and inconsistent kisses and hugs.

She deals with the constant arguments that drains her energy.

She’s exhausted.

But she just wants to feel loved.

So she watches him fill his body with toxins,

she watches what it does to him,

mentally and physically.

She doesn’t see how toxic he has become to  her,

mentally and physically.

But she ignores her own soul’s deterioration,

Because she just wants to feel loved.

Names of endearment is replaced by names that reflect resentment.

She has forgotten her own self worth, accepts the word “sorry” with no resistance.

All because she just wants to feel loved.

Finally doubt has crept into the back of her mind, is this even love?

Now she is focusing on who she is, and what she wants.

Suddenly, a closed mind that she has kept,

is looking at his demons he has kept within.

Soon as the doubt got too close to her heart,

he was right there to tear them apart.

He has sensed her new eagerness to question this love,

so he changes his ways… just enough.

Enough to make her feel secure again,

enough to make her feel loved again.

Because she just wants to feel loved.

Doesn’t take long for that sense of euphoria to drift away,

he is back to the way he was,  to who his old ways.

This time he is worse, this time he is different.

The more he indulges in these toxins, the problem becomes bigger.

He gets paranoid she might leave. So he hits her.

Now she is walking around with a mask on her face,

Shame on her chest.

She hides what he has done, and the tears she has wept.

She starts making excuses, and says things like, “He would never do that”.

She shrugs off advice from the ones that love her,

isolates herself from the world around her.

She goes back without a second thought,

believing his “sorry” and “I love you”.

She is so naive to think this cycle won’t continue.

But she forgets the worse and lets it all go.

All because she just wants to feel loved.






“Beautiful hurricane, I create disasters”

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