It’s official, I’ve seen it all

Ok, so I’ve gone and hit my head with a hammer again. I joined a discussion on B-net. Well, the thread starts out talking about 9/11 and someone joins in with “Well, NO had it coming because they suck”– Ok, I reworded it a little bit. See it for yourself.

How do you compare 9/11 and Katrina? Sure they both were tragic. Sure they both turned our country upside down, but how are they the same?

This bozo says that NO police were cowards and the people that stayed behind were criminals trying to get ahead (basically). This bozo (I don’t know if it’s male or female) says:

I also couldn’t imagine what it would have been like for NYC if our cops had fled like they did in NO.

Not only did our cops NOT flee that day, but they gave their lives. 4 years later they would also help out the people of NO when their own cops abandoned them…

…Unlike Katrina, the folks in NYC didn’t have the luxury of a warning to get out of the city. The government of La and NO had DAYS of warning and still did what amounts to nothing…

… You are right, they are not. One had warning and time to get things together, the other did not…

So, how does this person know what NYC would have been like had a catagory 5 hurricane smacked right down the middle? How does this person know that the police force would not have been overwhelmed and the gangs would not have taken over? Why would you blame the victims when Mother Nature comes slamming down their door?

I don’t even know what else to say….

Note: Having a fog today!!

Depressing news

I’ll be going to the doctor next week to find out if I definitely have lupus. I have all of the obvious symptoms, most notably the “butterfly” or malar rash. I’m glad to know that my symptoms aren’t all in my head, as my DH suspected, but have a real root cause. I don’t know what to expect if I should get a lupus diagnosis, but I’m ok with it.

I’ve been living with fatigue and pain for a long time. The rash is new since I had the baby. That was the most bothersome thing to me recently, because I thought I had developed an allergy to something and couldn’t figure out what it was. Now I know that lupus causes photosensitivity and the rash is just my immune system going crazy.

The Complete Bushisms – Updated frequently. By Jacob Weisberg

The Complete Bushisms – Updated frequently. By Jacob Weisberg

This is really funny. Gotta love GW.

His handlers think it’s cute and folksy. They’re wrong. This man is a graduate of Yale University and can’t get a handle on the English language. He’s representing all of America to the world. He’s making us all look like we couldn’t pass a third grade grammar class.

He and his handlers should consider that most of America is not uneducated and can string words together coherently. We have brains. We know how to use them. Maybe if he picked up a paper he’d understand that. Or maybe he should read a book. Just to learn sentence structure.

Constitution tries so hard to protect the Buddhist kid. By Dahlia�Lithwick

Bible Belt Upside the Head – Why the Constitution tries so hard to protect the Buddhist kid. By Dahlia�Lithwick

This is the kind of thing that really gets me going . I hate that religion has anything at all to do with public schooling. And, of course, if anyone objects then it comes down to persecuting Christians.

This is where the “How would you like it if…?” argument comes in. But it never works. Those that would do this don’t think that anyone could not want to learn about Christianity. They can’t wrap their heads around the fact that Jesus doesn’t pay a part in a lot of people’s lives. They’re in luck right now. They have the right president in office for their cry-baby bullying.

But what about the ever-growing number of non-Christian students that miss out on their education while these other kids trek down to learn about Noah and his ark? Why doesn’t occur to anyone that kids want to fit, so separating a few from the class is going to make them stand out. Maybe this is what they want. They want these kids to feel so bad about being left behind that they’ll want to go to bible school and maybe even convert. What a way to win souls.

I don’t have a problem with letting children experience religion from whatever age. My eldest daughter has been to pretty much every Christian church or temple imaginable. Then she has me for a mother–a bonafide hell-bound Pagan. But she has learned that whatever religion a person follow doesn’t matter. A lot of kids her age will judge people for being odd, but my daughter doesn’t see religion as the end all of all end alls. Sure it’s a part of a person. But there are many parts of a person.

But I don’t want her education being interrupted anymore than it already is. She’s got enough to worry about with her friends, grades, and..gulp…boys. God-or gods-are for another time. A more appropriate and private time. And no kid should have to feel differently right from the get-go

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The Price of Low Prices (

The Price of Low Prices (

I really hate Wallyworld. But this article makes a good point. We get what we pay for.

I hate Wal-Mart. I hate to drive in the overfilled parking lots. Walk down the overfilled aisles. Stand in the overfilled lines. I used to work there, I’m allowed to hate it. I have first hand knowledge of the crap they pull with their employees. Especially their female employees.

But Wal-Mart is not going to stop just because a couple of people find going there so loathsome. It’s a big money-making machine. And will continue on because shoppers can’t do without and they don’t want to have to pay good money for anything. Sure, you hear people say “You get what you pay for.” But those people are shopping at Wallyworld too. They’re standing in line talking on their cellphones while a nearly-homeless cashier scans their items. They’re picking up their pills from a pharmacy tech who doesn’t have any medical insurance .

Oh, sure Wal-Mart offers health insurance. But it’s almost $200 a month from a $700 a month paycheck. It’s insufferable. The people that work for Wal-Mart struggle just to buy food from their employer. Then they go to the welfare office to apply for food stamps–on advice from their employer!

There are plenty of reasons to hate Wal-Mart. But none of them matter when it’s time to open the wallet and pay just a bit more for something from another store. Or maybe have to go to separate grocery, hardware, and clothing stores. Very inconvienent. Who wants that?

I tell my husband that I don’t want to shop there anymore because I don’t want to support what they are doing to the work force in this country. He says he doesn’t have time to go anywhere else. And ’round and ’round we go

Coming Back

So, I mentioned that I believe in reincarnation, right? The purpose, I believe, of reincarnation is to allow our souls to become knowledgeable and flourish, to become one with the Gods. Of course, one’s soul is born ignorant and must learn through many lives and their trials. It’s like following a trail without a map and you must learn which way gets you ahead and which ones put you back. Well, I’m not really trying to educate anyone here. I’m just spouting my own beliefs and I don’t have to convince myself why I believe them.

Here’s the thing. I’ve been looking at babies a lot lately (especially my own). I notice a lot of differences in the way babies look at people. Some babies seem to have a really clueless look on their face, so happy and uninformed, their souls just starting out (I’m thinking…). Anyway, then there are those babies that look at you with such old eyes. It’s uncanny. My very own baby had old eyes. When she looks at me it’s almost like she knows what I’m thinking. Like she’s telling me that she’s not as stupid as everyone thinks she is, she just can’t express herself because she’s in a new body. My husbands cousin had eyes like that when he was a baby. You could see it in the pictures. I think he’s about 8 now and he still looks like he knows a lot. However, I believe that babies are more knowledgeable about their own souls because they have all the memories of their past lives. I think they lose that over time because they learn that kind of stuff just isn’t normal. So they suppress it. I see that kind of thing in my baby. I’m tempted to say that it scares me, but it doesn’t. I’m very curious about it. If I raised her with my spiritual beliefs would she then be able to become psychic? Would she be more intelligent? More special? If she used what she already has and doesn’t learn to push it away and think of herself as abnormal will that make her better?

Of course, I have no idea what I’m talking about. That’s why I usually just spout nonsense. But today I was looking at my baby’s eyes and they just seemed so old. Like she’d lived a long time. I wonder what lifetime she’s in and what lessons she’s got to learn to move on. I wonder that about both of my girls. My son spent all of 36 minutes visiting this lifetime. He’s moved on. I think his life was more of a lesson for me and my husband than for himself. And then our daughter arrived 10 months and 3 weeks later…. I think that somehow I’m more blessed than I thought when she was born. I think that I really have a special little girl. I hope she passes this test with flying colors.

Holidays gone

It’s funny comparing Pagans from metropolitan areas to “country” Pagans. In the cities there is almost a guaranteed anonymity so they’re free to “come out of the broom closet”. They don’t have to worry about repercussions of any sort. They can have Pagan Pride festivals and fight to have a Yule Log burning right beside a Nativity Scene and Menorah. They know that most people will be accepting if not all together understanding of their beliefs.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way for the country folk. They have to hide their jewelry and clothes the curtains when they celebrate holidays. That doesn’t mean that the government will come down on them–unless they have children. Then their religious beliefs could come under intense scrutiny and their kids could be taken away. Neglect they call it. Also, the neighbors are likely to vandalize a country Pagan’s home, who gets no help from the local police department. It’s sad that this happens in this country in this day and age, but it does happen.

The city dwellers don’t understand what the country folk are so worried about (unless they started out country and moved to get away from the closed minds). They’re used to the more intellectual and free thinking crowds that swarm the cities. They’re used to the conversations they have on the grounds of the University. They can’t imagine someone coming right out and calling them “Evil” and telling them that they’re going to hell. 2005 and that still happens….sigh Let’s move on.

Christians do not regularly fear for their safety and that of their family because of their religious beliefs. They do not have to worry about losing their jobs because they wear their religious jewelry. They don’t have to fight to keep custody of their children because they take them to church. Pagans, on the other hand, are fighting battles like this everyday. Though we are becoming more and more recognized we’re also becoming more and more hated (because the zealous right is starting to take us seriously).

I personally have not problem saying “Merry Christmas” to anyone. Where I live is a Conservative Christian area and it’s pretty much expected that if you’re alive in this town then you’re Christian. There aren’t even any Jewish Temples in the entire county. I’m glad that I have that time off of work and that my daughter doesn’t have to go to school for two weeks at that time. I know that Christmas is a usurped holiday, that Christ wasn’t born on that day. Pagans celebrated the return of the sun for thousands of years and the Christians wanted something just as important to put in it’s place when they took over power and went about converting the masses.

(Note: “Winter solstice is a celebration of the birth of the sun and Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the son.” See a correlation here?)

There are countless examples and theories about that, but I don’t bother my Christian neighbors with that. I use that time to do my own thing. Christmas is a special holiday to me insomuch as I enjoy the company of family, the fellowship, food and, of course, presents. If they want to celebrate it for religious reasons, more power to them. I celebrate for secular reasons and enjoy the federal holiday off.

And to those Christians who feel persecuted because someone said “Happy Holidays” to you instead of “Merry Christmas” I say “GET OVER YOURSELF!”

Glad tidings and Blessings.

Why I’m awake

Ok, here I am again. I should be sleeping, but I’m trying to get Baby to sleep by herself, therefore depriving myself. Not loving it.
So, I consider myself to be a non-traditional (meaning: not following a tradition) eclectic (meaning: variable belief system) Pagan (meaning: polytheistic, not following the mainstream path). I am not a devil worshipper. I don’t even believe in the devil. I believe that any punishment we receive from the Gods we receive while we’re here and then in the next life. But that discussion, I suppose, is for another day.

I have issues with some of my fellow Pagans. Please keep in mind that Paganism itself is not a religion. It’s a term that encompasses a number of religions, traditions, and spiritual paths. Belief is multible Gods and Goddesses is the number one criteria for a Pagan. Though some Pagans only worship two (The God and The Goddess), most of us believe in a host of Gods. Ok, that’s explained. My main issue is the way Pagans are arguing over how to define themselves. You’d think they’d unite if only to give themselves definition. But nooooo! Oh, the frustration!
I look for fellow Pagans online because the area where I live is very…..conservative. If there are any other Pagans here then they are firmly in the broom closet. So, I want to commune with those that believe as I do. But those that I find are often times worse than the ultra-conservative Christian boards that I hide from. I find that to be very irritating, especially since what I believe doesn’t fall into any one catagory (eclectic). They debate everything from why to hate Christians to what a certain holiday should mean.

One thing that really annoys me is “UPG”. I’ve seen that a lot lately. It means “unproven/unverifiable personal gnosis”. They use this to tell you that they think that you don’t know what you’re talking about. If what you believe (to some, not all) is not in some ancient text book or taught in a mythology class then they label it UPG. I am of the opinion that all gnosis is “personal” and pretty much “unproven/unverified”. Just because the ancient Egyptians wrote hieroglyphs about a certain deity doesn’t make that deity real. But not seeing something in (some sort of) print doesn’t make a personal gnosis not true, either. One can neither prove nor disprove anyone’s religious beliefs, in my opinion.

Well, ok, if they believe that their dog, Fido, is a flying pig and grants wishes, then I guess that can be disproven. But you get my point. As Pagans we are not supposed to judge another’s religion as wrong or right. And yet we judge each other all of the time. Just because I don’t have a degree in anthropolgy or mythology doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in my Gods. Just because my beliefs run the gamut doesn’t mean that I’m a “cafeteria” Pagan. Some of us believe because we were called and there was no ignoring that call. And others, in my opinion, just study the old religions to get under others skin. Pagan or not it makes not difference to them.
I especially hate that they bash Christians so much. Yes, it’s true, a lot of Christians are very judgemental and don’t want to learn what we’re about. But most Christians don’t care. They figure their God will sort us to the appropriate place in Hell and all they have to worry about is themselves. More power to them, I say.

Pagans for some reason hate the idea of organizing. And they’re a rebellious lot, anyway. So that makes us hard on ourselves. No one else has to persecute us. We do a good enough job. I don’t think that I’d call myself a Pagan if I had any other options. But my beliefs are deep and strong. Even if my knowledge of the history of the world is weak. I was called by my Goddess and I do what I can to honor her. I just don’t do it in a way that other Pagans find “pagan”. There are others like me, unfortunately. Maybe we should unite and give ourselves a different kind of name.
Next up: Fundamentalists