More Fun with PUMAs

Guess what! Give up? Well, Francine (aka SouthJerseyPUMA) wrote me another email. I guess she figured she’d shut her caps off this time.

Now this email is a reply to a subscription to “The Early Bird is Flippin’ Tired“. Francine (aka Southwaytoostupid) checked the box to subscribe. That’s important and you’ll see why. She then replied to the new email announcement.

Take note that Francine (aka Southdumbasarock) has taken off her caps lock and forgotten how to use it properly. Except for the top-row keys. Woo-hoo! You’re getting close, Francine, keep practicing!

Here’s that reply:

whats wrong jenny? spam? hahaa! who’s a joke? 4%, 18% popular! wow! you are a big time blogger! what a loser! you cant take a good fight? was my post and research on the dual citizenship too much for a lil girl to handle?

No longer an “it”, Francine whines that I scrubbed her posts. Here’s her last comment on the above referenced post. Francine is so “low-information” that she still thinks that her little trick worked.

The research? Talking points from her leader’s blog. She calls into question Obama’s citizenship- even though members of her cult agree that he’s eligible. I guess she didn’t get that “prowl” that day. Who’s laughing? Oh, yes! We are! Poor, Francine, put that vodka down, woman, and get some fresh air.

lmao!! scrubbed my post but left yours! can’t wait for the big bomb to come that will blow obozo out of the polls!! even rev. wright is back and he is selling shit on your hero!! guess payback’s are gonna be a bitch for the messiah! still laughing at your pathetic dumb koolaide ass!!!

No doubt the “big bomb” will be Michelle’s whitey tape. This tells me that Francine spends a lot of time at No 25¢1 and Texas Tea (or whatever). She believes that I’m somehow worried about Rev. Wright. Why should I be? All I have to do is point to her as a supporter of McCain and people will fly to the Dem side of the ticket in droves.

Poor Francine. Still sore after all these months. We may see mass head implosions in November. Keep your eye on the Southern sky.

lose the email… you will be spam as well here!

have a pain filled day from your Fibromyalgia! you deserve it!

Francine doesn’t know how to unsubscribe. And then goes on to prove that she does know how to use the caps key properly by capitalizing “Fibromyalgia”. She doesn’t understand that I would rather be in pain that be unintelligent, so her little “barb” was a waste of precious “prowl” time. My pain can get better- her stupidity will be a blight on humanity for all eternity.


I forgot to add:

Francine wrote that email from her personal email account. So I did get her last name as well as her first. She doesn’t understand the value of an anonymous email account when sending fucktarded emails. Perhaps someone in her cult will help her out with that.

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