Millie’s at It Again

When I was married,  I wasn’t even allowed to hang curtains in my room. He didn’t think we needed them so I was not to hang them. When I went into the hospital with my doomed son his mother rearranged my entire house. She didn’t like the way it looked.

After my son died I had a dog that helped anchor me emotionally. I also ended up pregnant within weeks of my son’s death. That dog was my life saver. When I went in the hospital to have Lil’lady he gave that dog away and refused to tell me to who.

We got another dog for Lil Miss’s 16th birthday.  He was a Labradooodle and cost us a pretty penny. Then there was sterilization, shots and the groomers. A year later, after we’d all bonded with the dog he got rid of him. He didn’t like that the dog had bonded with me. He thought that was unfair because our child preferred me as well. I’m sure if he could’ve gotten rid of the baby he’d have done that too.

His mother was always in our business and he gave her control of our lives. She was allowed to take Lil’lady whenever she wanted. She spoiled her but was also mean. I tried to keep her away but my husband never respected my decision. When I went to work our daughter went to his mother’s. Always. Even when he had nothing else to do. His mother wanted our daughter to call her “maymay”. It was ridiculous.

I have stories. I’m going to have to restore some of my old posts. She is under-cover horrible. She wanted to control our entire lives and he let her. Now she’s mad that I’m not letting her control me anymore.

And she’s telling my daughter shitty things about me. “If your mom would’ve cleaned better he wouldn’t have cheated.” What? He withheld sex from me for 6.5 years because he couldn’t maintain a fucking erection but I didn’t cheat until the end. I did not have sex with anyone for over 5 years. Because my husband was screwing much older married women. What is she talking about?

Aside from the fact that she should never talk shit about me to my own child1 she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I had more sex with Andy in my bed the short time we were together than I did with TheMan the entire time we were married.

I endured that marriage for the best interests of my daughter. I didn’t leave for anyone else and I never left my child. I stayed because we had a family with children. Their security and happiness mattered above what I needed. That was ok with me. But he and his mother did a number on me.

Before I let MyDude in to do his damage, I was destroyed by TheMan and Millie. When I met MyDude I was just trying to rebuild who I actually am. She was buried long ago. MyDude was able to swoop in and destroy that because of my vulnerability. They both deserve the credit for the way I am now. I share in that, of course. But I was conditioned by TheMan to be a certain way. When I got free of him I stepped right into MyDude’s trap. I’m busted right now. I’m still trying to recover.

I will go to war with this woman and I’ll win. I don’t want the war, but she apparently does. She doesn’t know what she’s in for. Fuck her.

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  1. Lil’lady was so upset by the conversation that she told me about it. Her grandmother is shit for this. []
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