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I’ve been reading a lot about Jessie Davis and her (alleged) around and about. It’s a story that should be about a victim and her family, but instead has morphed into how those horrible blacks have corrupted an innocent white woman, and if she’d been a good Christian and not fucked that black beast she’d still be alive. Want proof that racism is alive and well in the good ol’ U.S. of A? Take a gander at some of these blogs.

But before I begin with the disgusting that call Jessie a whore who basically “asked” for what she got, I’d like to rant a little about a comment on one of my favorite blogs.

But what about the unborn fetus-fullly humancitizen withrightswhopays taxesownsacar andhasadaughterjustlikeyou?

I can almost understand the desire to depersonalize Jessie’s child. Many pro-women’s reproductive healthers often refuse to call a fetus of any age a “child” or a “baby” and frequently mock those of us that do. They don’t want the fetus to be considered “human” or “alive” at any time prior to birth because then the public will overwhelmingly come down on the side of preventing late-term abortions. I get that. But look, Jessie wanted her child. She’d recently celebrated a baby shower in anticipation of her arrival. She was ecstatic about having a baby girl. Her family is devastated by the loss of both Jessie and Chloe. Is there something terribly wrong with this? Apparently so. So much so that baby Chloe can’t be acknowledged at all as having her own life snuffed out violently and prematurely. If Chloe had been born the day she was murdered, she no doubt would have survived outside of the womb. The fact that she died when her mother died, though, makes that loss less significant. Except to the family that was anticipating her arrival- eagerly awaiting her birth. I have serious issues with some pro-women’s reproductive healthers who absolutely refuse to acknowledge that to some of us it is important, at times, to adopt the language of the other side. If only to make us look softer and more accepting and to perhaps sway more people to our side. This would have been one of those times when a little empathy would have went a long way. Why is that so hard? Please consider, at times, that old cliché- “You attract more flies with honey”.

Now on to the real bigots. Those motherfuckers who say Jessie deserved what she got. Some (a minority of those assholes that have voiced opinions like this) say it’s because she was sleeping with a married man. Because, you know, sleeping with him (obviously forgetting his culpability) is a crime punishable by death in this country. Right? The majority say it’s because she committed the “unseemly” crime of sleeping with a black man. And we all know that black men are all savages and kill at the drop of a hat.

My first thought was, “Figures.” My second thought was, “That’s what happens when a white woman marries a black man.”

Why such reactions? Just take a gander at the national statistics for violent crime. The facts speak for themselves – blacks commit a grossly disproportionate amount of violent crime against whites than vice versa. You are aware of the stats and how to find/view them, right?

Just another guilty nigger.

They are animals, and everyone knows it. Savage beasts that belong back in the jungle.

As far as the touchy subject of inter-racial breeding (AKA Animal Husbandry). Again, ever seen what kids do to mixed-race kids? They are, IN-MOST-CASES, usually shunned by both parties, or have to be unusually extreme (behavior-wise) to be accepted by one or the other!
WHY the fuck would you do this to a kid nowadays? Life’s hard enough without handicapping them from the get-go!!!

I think you are missing the point. We aren’t blaming the victim for her own murder. We are blaming the victim for the life style choices she made that led her to be in the position to be murdered.

Wonder what she did for a living besides having children out of wedlock and messing with another womans husband? She didn’t deserve to die but she wasn’t the saint the media is making her out to be. Her mother seems very angry at Cutts. Where was she before?

Then when the scumbag adulterer follows his natural inclinations and does what “feels right” we end up paying for the investigation, the trial and three-square and cable TV for the twenty-five years it will actually take to work through the mandatory appeals and legal bullshit put this piece of shit in the ground where he belongs.

I’m tired of paying for people too stupid not to squeeze out unwanted, fatherless kids.

I’m tired of paying for rehab and ER care for people too stupid to stay off drugs or booze or pills or dope or whatever.

I’m tired of paying to pry people out of the shit they mired themselves in as they were barely raised by one disinterested parent with other priorities.

I’m tired of paying for the care and feeding of the endless generations of dregs dragging us into the morass of overly accessible social welfare that bleeds us productive citizens to support a drone class who have no inclination to be anything but a drain on the rest of us.

I’m tired of having to pay for a slew of law enforcement professionals to clean up the mess these people leave just living their “lives”.

I’m tired of having to live behind gates and fences and alarms because semi-people who have no grounding in the basic tenets of decency are told that their “lifestyle” of indolence crime and violence isn’t their fault but is the fault of us evil-white-patriarchal-male-aggressor-oppressors who are keeping them down and that THEY are the victim, for whatever trumped up BS-PC-hugs-and-fucking-fairyland-kisses-reason.

On the other hand, the pic (mugshot) of a bad-ass lookin’ AA female who I presume to be Cutts’ wife or other ho sets off alarm bells. AA women, in my observation, are some of the most brutal of perps, particularly to a female rival in any sense. I’ll leave the analysis of why to others with more psycho-social chops–I just call ‘em as I’ve seen ‘em.

AA women are some of the meanest women I have ever run into. The hate Euro women who date AA men since they have a tough time finding a man. If I have to go to where my husband works, I steer clear of the back porch where most of these types of women hang out. Their behavior in public leaves alot to be desired too.

the deceased apparently embraced this pimp-and-bitches theme as one of Cutts’ kept seminal depositories, and bore Cutts’ child, and was prepared to do so again – as a testament to Cutts’ virility as is the fashion in inner cities, where (as in my native Philadelphia) beatings and murders abound. Simply stating that there is no correlation between this particular underclass subculture and violence in general and against women in particular does not make it so. Saying that juggling chainsaws is a bad health decision does not equate to wishing for the juggler’s death, or rejoicing in it when the predictable occurs.

It seems to me that the schaddenfreude at the expense of alleged racists who become unnerved by pretty white women becoming the sexual plaything of a black man is more important to some here than calling out the degrading situation that Davis put herself in, and using these events both as a cautionary tale and a measuring stick by which to say “this behavior is unacceptable for all involved” which might elicit some value from a tragedy.

Regarding “social programs,” it is my opinion from the evidence provided that more “social programs” will render an exacerbation of the situation at hand as economic incentives for having the illegitimate children, and thus the twenty year tie to the battering father, in the first place.

Here is what makes you stupid: “”traditional values” do dictate that it’s unseemly for a white woman to procreate with a black man. That is indeed a fact, and I don’t dispute it.” BUT, it IS racist. BUT, as long as we ‘racists’ think as you do, we’ll lose the racism and become enlightened and in the process wipe out the facts of history? Great idea.

You are uneducated because you know nothing of your cause. If you held to the orginal tenants of your mighty cause, you’d tell black people to quit breeding. Get it?

And that’s just some comments from three blogs. I haven’t got the nerve to really go searching. I’m afraid of people anymore.

The fact remains that one sick, selfish motherfucker killed a young woman and her unborn child, which left his own son without a mother. This motherfucker, no matter what his skin color or what his ongoing relationship with the victim was, deserves to fucking fry. Hard and fast. It was a horrible crime committed against a woman by a man. Everything else doesn’t matter.

You know, I would say that I’m shocked and appalled that I saw this fucking garbage being spewed in this “day and age”. But I’m not. I’m just so tired of this kind of crazy, fucking nonsense. And as a side not, I noticed a couple of these assholes mention that Chris Benoit “passed away”- you know that freak pro-wrestler who killed his wife and son? Poor guy, hanging himself like that…boo fucking hoo.

Edited to clarify the blockquotes.

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