It’s official, I’ve seen it all

Ok, so I’ve gone and hit my head with a hammer again. I joined a discussion on B-net. Well, the thread starts out talking about 9/11 and someone joins in with “Well, NO had it coming because they suck”– Ok, I reworded it a little bit. See it for yourself.

How do you compare 9/11 and Katrina? Sure they both were tragic. Sure they both turned our country upside down, but how are they the same?

This bozo says that NO police were cowards and the people that stayed behind were criminals trying to get ahead (basically). This bozo (I don’t know if it’s male or female) says:

I also couldn’t imagine what it would have been like for NYC if our cops had fled like they did in NO.

Not only did our cops NOT flee that day, but they gave their lives. 4 years later they would also help out the people of NO when their own cops abandoned them…

…Unlike Katrina, the folks in NYC didn’t have the luxury of a warning to get out of the city. The government of La and NO had DAYS of warning and still did what amounts to nothing…

… You are right, they are not. One had warning and time to get things together, the other did not…

So, how does this person know what NYC would have been like had a catagory 5 hurricane smacked right down the middle? How does this person know that the police force would not have been overwhelmed and the gangs would not have taken over? Why would you blame the victims when Mother Nature comes slamming down their door?

I don’t even know what else to say….

Note: Having a fog today!!

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