Is Sex Evil? Nope.

I may have mentioned the CT’er1 that comes into my job. I like her generally, but she’s easy to get riled. I find that hilarious. The other day this fine lady told me that Podesta or Clinton or someone was a gasp follower of Aleister Crowley. She declared him evil because he practiced gasp sex magic.

Regardless of your feelings on Crowley (I have none either way), the idea that sex magic is EVUL™ just grates my cookies. Sex is evil? Well, it can be. That’s true. Men have used rape to subjugate women – and other men – forever. But overall? Sex is most assuredly not evil.

And sex magic can be a wonderful experience. When sex is done right it is incredibly powerful. There is nothing more intoxicating than a great lover and the great orgasm. The energy that is released when a person goes over that crest to the leg-shaking, body-immobilizing end of a great sex session is something absolutely magical. But why does that magic equal satan worship? See, that’s the problem with our society. We tend to look at sex as something of which we should be ashamed. Yes, we need it to create more tiny humans, but other than that? You’re evil if you enjoy it and then gasp talk about it.

We’re conditioned to think of sex and love as the same thing. You only engage in the joining of bodies if you’re in love – at the least. Casual sex is of the devil and good people don’t do it without the benefit of marriage. Or at least the idea that marriage is coming eventually. We know that we have sex. We know that the nice checkout lady probably gets naked on the regular. But we don’t like to talk about it. People can enjoy it, but not in a religious sense. Not in a practical sense. Never, ever for no reason but to just get off2.

In my mind I’ve separated sex and love. The bonding chemical is all well and good, but my bonding agent is different. Sex is something that we do. It’s not something that we are. Over the course of my life I have had my body violated more times than I care to remember. Firstly, when I was a child. Then when I was older. I’m a small, very loud woman. Men have tried to put me in my place by taking control of my body. So, over time, I’ve kind of cut myself off from the actual act. I love it, but I don’t have to be in love to love it. In fact, I have been in love with someone who has never brought me to orgasm. I have had some wild sex with people I had absolutely no intention of ever seeing again. And part of that was just to feel powerful and alive. The best sex I’ve ever had was, of course, with men I was in love with. But those men took their time getting to know my body and appreciated the magic that was being made.

It’s all about the energy. Aside from rape, which is never anything but evil, sex creates amazingly powerful energy. When is there a better time – for adults – to pray to their gods? “Oh, god… oh, god… oh, god”. People call out to their gods during coitus whether they realize it or not. They don’t have to openly talk about sexual magic, but they are performing it. And there is nothing evil about that. It’s a very beautiful thing. When it’s done right and with the right people. For example, I’m not interested in teaching anyone. I want someone who already knows that good sex doesn’t mean porn sex and that my body is an instrument that requires skill to play. I want the power that comes with it. I want to reach the heavens. I want to see stars and quiver and forget how to breathe. I want the beautiful magic of it. There is something so powerful about watching the way a person moves when they feel that good3.

I asked her if she thought sex was evil. She didn’t answer me, instead blushing and excusing herself. Sex is an uncomfortable conversation with women I know. Unless we’re talking about another woman being a slut or judging her for sexuality then we’re certainly never to discuss it amongst each other4. She considers sex magic to be the ultimate evil and won’t hear the ways in which it most certainly isn’t5. So what if adults want to pray with their bodies intermingling? I wonder what it’s like for them. Do they enjoy it? Can they just let loose? Or do they have some kind of shame holding them back just enough? I’d love to ask them but that’s verboten.

If you are a sexually active adult and have never had the heavens open up and swallow you then I guess I feel bad for you. Because if you’re doing it right then, holy shitballs, there is nothing more magical and powerful.

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  1. Conspiracy Theorist []
  2. Not for women. Only men have base urges that need satisfied. []
  3. I’m not supposed to admit that in public, say the people. A good woman doesn’t talk about such things with non-medical people. []
  4. Then there are the guys who think discussion means an insult to their very manhood. []
  5. I’m talking about consensual sex here. []
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