Dear People

I’ve been really busy with my real life stuff- you know, family, learning, family, GOING CRAZY. But I’ve occassionally been able to hit up Twitter (I’m always looking at it when I’m online for class. This is why I suck.). I noticed a couple of different people say that they’re trying to avoid politics on their own blogs, but that they’ve got plenty to say.

So, I am once again opening an invitation for guest bloggers. If you would love to blog about politics, but not on your own damned blog, send me a Tweet or contact me some other way. There are a couple of things to keep in mind though-

ONE: This is a liberal blog and liberal/progressive/moderate politics only. Sorry, conservatives. I have to have a line.

TWO: No outing of other bloggers.

THREE: No hating on me. Dur.

FOUR: I prefer bloggers with whom I am familiar.

FIVE: Unless you’re a super special good friend o’ mine, I ask that you keep your initial post in draft form- just so I can check it out. I don’t have a good rep, but I do think of my readers (usually).

Ok, so let me know if you’re interested and I’ll hook you up with an executive account.


You can link to yourself in the post. I’m all about the link appreciation (I hate “link love”).

I like geeky stuff, politics, squirrels and monkeys.

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