PUMAs Take on San Francisco

Someone asked me on Twitter last night what the PUMAs are1 and I gave a very, very brief summary. But thanks to Wonk you guys get to see the fearsome hordes in action. Apparently, Donna Brazille was speaking and the only person they hate worse than O-man is her. So, they gathered up their posse and rolled on her like a pack of hyenas on the hunt.

It is an absolutely amazing thing to see. The sheer numbers here just can’t be imagined. They are indeed a frightening group. They are PUMAs hear the ROAR.

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Look What I Missed

I’ve sucked lately. No, not TheMan. I’ve just had some stuff that I was dealing with and have lost my way. Well, not really lost. I’ve just not really felt the desire to post or comment. Because…

First, I need to let those who don’t read me (usually) know that I get all over the blogosphere. I do the political thing, I do the SEO thing (I read the stupid drama there, because Mwahahaha!!), the personal thing and the EC thing. It’s all good fare for moi.

Anyway, I got back into action and HOLY SHITBALLS™1! There’s a lot of flippin’ drama going on. Now, if you know me, you know I love the drama. Usually I just read it and laugh my not-so-petite ass off. I will readily admit that I have no life and so the drama amuses me. Now, if I think that a blogfriend is being effected by said drama, I will happily jump my ass into it- even if it doesn’t involve me. Why? Did you miss the part about me not having a life?

Dramatic Internet Happening #1

Anyway, for some reason2 I decided to visit some old haunts today. These old haunts are places that a certain off-the-grid friend and I used to go to point and laugh. I guess I just missed to good ol’ days. So, there I was reading snide innuendos and wondering what the fuck people are talking about. Of course, I have to do some investigating. Dur3. Seems I’ve been missing a lot of good shit.

Some dude (some of you know who) met some chick via the blogodrama. Dude was married to another woman. Dude met chick at a blog meetup. Dude and chick fell “madly” in love. Dude left wife to go live with chick in another state. Dude and chick broadcast their love affair on their blogs4 and all their blog buds are all happy for them. Anyway, Dude and chick are lovey-dovey in their new home they just bought in this other state. On the 10th Dude and chick decide to go back to Dude’s home state to take care of business. On the 11th Dude announces on his blog that he and his wife are back together and he’s taking a break. Chick makes no such announcement on her blog. There is no further explanation.

Shit fire, their blog friends are going nuts! One side is all “I’m on your side as long as your happy”…blah blah blah. The other side is “You dick! How could you do that to us?” And me? I’m like “That’s some soap opera shit right there.” At any rate, some of the friends apparently think they deserve an explanation. The other friends think this guy should do whatever he wants. Not a whole lot of them think about what Mrs. Dude is going through, of course. I’m thinking she should just kick his ass out and let the vultures have him. But then, I’m one of those kinds of people that doesn’t broadcast every little detail of my life for the entire Intertubes to see. That’s just me though. What do I know?

I don’t have an opinion one way or the other about this affair. I don’t know what’s going on in Dude’s marriage. I think, though, that he was a stupid motherfucker for making the entire thing public. I think his wife deserved better than to have to read how he and Chick were fucking and doing whatever. I think that if he was going to do this, then some fucking TACT would have been in order. But… that’s just me. Who am I?

During those travels, I also reinforced my belief to stay pseudonymous. Seems that a somewhat popular blogger (if you don’t have at least 150 comments or a pr of 7 then you’re only “somewhat” popular, ok?) likes to out people he doesn’t agree with. Seems this dude will befriend people and then POOF! just like that he announces to the world who they are. That’s fucked up shit right there. And anyone that does that should be mocked.5

Just my opinion, of course.6

Dramatic Internet Happening #2

Seems there was some “censorship” in the EC forums. Apparently some dude (Scratchin’ Sniff?) didn’t like the EC powerdroppers7 so he made a post. Powerdroppers told him something he didn’t like. So then the Admins made a forum just for people to use for bitching (or whatever). You can read the details here. I think. Anyway

Seems that a moderator went through and deleted and/or modified existing posts. I said in a comment over there that I don’t believe that’s it’s complete censorship, because real censorship is not being able to voice your opinion anywhere and I truly believe that. However, when the moderator (Lee Doyle, apparently) modified comments, I decided that he’s as fucked up as a certain raving lunatic that I know who also modifies comments (on his blog, though, not in forums). I also think it’s fucked up that apparently Graham agrees with what he did.

Look, I believe that a private forum (and EC forums is private) should have a ToS8 and that everyone participating in that forum should abide by the ToS. However, the forums should have an OBVIOUS ToS that the members to follow. When there are rules established, in writing or because of previous understanding, then the mods are expected to enforce them. The ToS NEEDS to be understood from the get. When rules are established after the fact, then shit will probably fucking hit the fan.

In this case, the rules changed mid-stream and the shit hit the fan, which resulted in some very popular members being “suspended”. That’s just wrong on so many levels. It’s wrong because the members were following the already established rules, bending over backwards to follow the new rules, and having to shut the fuck up while the PowerMad Mod went nuts. Of course, that mod is now on a “break’ but still…

Of course, I had to weigh in. Hello! I’m one of those ranting “YOU GO” girls (happily named by a certain Sam dude). I don’t so mind rules. I’ll follow them happily. I fucking hate when people edit and/or delete opinions that don’t sit well with them. That’s cowardly pissant shit.

Just my opinion, of course.

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  1. Courtesy of Schad, of course []
  2. I’m stupid. []
  3. See: no life []
  4. Can you imagine what his wife, who had access to his blog, must have been thinking? []
  5. I also learned who Sassy Sadie and Vicious Vikki are. []
  6. URLs available to trusted peeps upon request []
  7. Who really cares how people drop cards? I certainly don’t. []
  8. Terms of Service for those who are brain dead. []

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I Hate Me Some Group Work

It’s once again time for a “Where the hell is Jinxi?” post.

Well, I was doing a project of course with my gag group. Did I mention I’m the only female in the group1 ? Well, this past week I really saw where Beth was coming from regarding women in the technology field. She dealt with it at work, but I’m getting it from cheeky little just-out-of-teens geek boys.

I was the team leader for this project2. We were to load our database up with some useless information that dealt directly with other useless information we’d made up for a previous project. It was all very simple and direct. I got right to the point, gave out the individual assignments and did my leaderly duties. One dude was all “Yeah! This rawks! We’re so going to get this shit done early!” and he did his job lickety-split. The other dude? Waited…and waited…and waited some more. He didn’t respond to any of my threads on our team forum, nor did he offer any input into the design process. He just wasn’t there. He acted like I wasn’t even giving instructions and he wasn’t a part of our team. Finally, on the day before everything was due, he posted his part of the assignment and went straight into directing the rest of us for our next fucking project.


Then, of course, we had to do the uber-stupid team evals. The guy finally responds to a week old thread, saying that he had expected us to show up in chat and we left him hanging. Except we didn’t agree to meet in chat. We agreed that particular weekend wasn’t a good time for that for all of us. So, why would he say something?

He told the other dude that he wanted to give me low marks on my leadership. He said that he felt left out of the entire project and that I did a bad job of running it. He told this to the other dude in email, of course. An email that was summarily sent on to me, because the other dude felt this leg of the project ran incredibly smooth and that I did a fantastic job. Other dude told me3 that he wasn’t going to mark me low. But Idiot boy was.

Fucking asshole.

So, I did my eval and put in comments that the professor should look at our threads. I don’t know if and/or how often she looks in on us, but she does have access to our forum. All the proof is in there. I did what I was supposed to do, but this guy didn’t like it. Why? A good question that will be posed when our last project is finished. This is, of course, the same freak that declared himself our very first team leader. He was all gung-ho to get everything organized when it was his turn at the helm. But he didn’t like what I did with the last project and/or the fact that I’m better at certain things than he is. I’m not really sure why he’s trying to sabotage me, but he is. And that doesn’t bode well for him.

I will wring his neck.

In other news, I was somehow nominated for the My New Favorite Blog 2008 contest. I’m going up against A Haiku for No One. I’m really curious as to who nominated me. I’d also like to thank that person. Whoever she/he/it was. Wish me luck!

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  1. And the only female in my Web Scripting class. WTF? []
  2. For some reason we’re supposed to trade off each week. I went ahead and put our names in Random.org so that it was fair… I was not appreciated for that. []
  3. I have no idea what he told the fucking idiot []


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It’s official, I’ve seen it all

Ok, so I’ve gone and hit my head with a hammer again. I joined a discussion on B-net. Well, the thread starts out talking about 9/11 and someone joins in with “Well, NO had it coming because they suck”– Ok, I reworded it a little bit. See it for yourself.

How do you compare 9/11 and Katrina? Sure they both were tragic. Sure they both turned our country upside down, but how are they the same?

This bozo says that NO police were cowards and the people that stayed behind were criminals trying to get ahead (basically). This bozo (I don’t know if it’s male or female) says:

I also couldn’t imagine what it would have been like for NYC if our cops had fled like they did in NO.

Not only did our cops NOT flee that day, but they gave their lives. 4 years later they would also help out the people of NO when their own cops abandoned them…

…Unlike Katrina, the folks in NYC didn’t have the luxury of a warning to get out of the city. The government of La and NO had DAYS of warning and still did what amounts to nothing…

… You are right, they are not. One had warning and time to get things together, the other did not…

So, how does this person know what NYC would have been like had a catagory 5 hurricane smacked right down the middle? How does this person know that the police force would not have been overwhelmed and the gangs would not have taken over? Why would you blame the victims when Mother Nature comes slamming down their door?

I don’t even know what else to say….

Note: Having a fog today!!

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The Complete Bushisms – Updated frequently. By Jacob Weisberg

The Complete Bushisms – Updated frequently. By Jacob Weisberg

This is really funny. Gotta love GW.

His handlers think it’s cute and folksy. They’re wrong. This man is a graduate of Yale University and can’t get a handle on the English language. He’s representing all of America to the world. He’s making us all look like we couldn’t pass a third grade grammar class.

He and his handlers should consider that most of America is not uneducated and can string words together coherently. We have brains. We know how to use them. Maybe if he picked up a paper he’d understand that. Or maybe he should read a book. Just to learn sentence structure.

I like geeky stuff, politics, squirrels and monkeys.