I Can’t Imagine

I just read the most horrifying and sad story that I’ve seen in a long time. A little 4 year-old boy, Angelo Mendoza, JR., was attacked by his father, who proceeded to eat the boy’s eyes. It’s a horrific tale and I was especially affected when I read little Angelo told the police “My daddy ate my eyes out.” I can’t get over that. It’s just rolling around in my head like some kind of sick earworm.  The father isn’t going to prison because, apparently, he’s not fit to stand trial and little Angelo is regaining sight in his remaining (!!) eye, but still. Good lord, that poor child…

This could, of course, turn into a rant against child abuse. I could explain why I’m so thin-skinned and emotional when it comes to stories about child abuse. I don’t like to hear babies cry, I cry when children fall down, and all kinds of other stuff that generally doesn’t make sense. Instead I’m going to use this spot to give thanks to the social workers and other professionals who had to see Angelo and take care of him and help him. They signed up for their jobs and these people face these horrific situations all the time. I think that anyone who voluntarily signs up for that kind of job is a hero of sorts. They have the heart of angels for taking care of these poor children without running home and hiding from the horror.

Angelo needed someone to take care of him before his father destroyed his life, that’s true. But laws favor keeping the family together, blah blah blah and it didn’t happen. So, Angelo suffered and someone had to go in and pick up his pieces. Those folks volunteered for their jobs to take care of children (and adults) with whom they have no personal relationship, but who desperately need someone to care for them. Witnessing this kind of child abuse could send anyone over the edge and I know I couldn’t deal with it. I can’t deal with it right now as I’m just thinking of Angelo and what he endured at the hands of that monster. I can’t even imagine being the paramedic or cop first on the scene. I can’t imagine being the person to actually hear the little voice say his daddy at his eyes out. I can’t imagine being strong enough to hold myself together to be able to help that little guy. And these folks do it every day. Bravo to them.1

One piece of this health care “debate”2 is the opposition saying that there won’t be doctors to take care of folks, because doctors will somehow stop caring about people when the government pays their bills. The opposition says that doctors will retire and run for the hills. Or that’s it’s unfair to the doctor’s “liberty” to force him/her into working on people who use the public option (I’ve heard this argument when I say I believe health care is a human right). “It’s unfair to the doctors”, they say. “Who will do their job?” they ask. Each time I see this I think of:

  • Fire fighters
  • Police officers
  • Health inspectors
  • Social Workers
  • Teachers
  • Road crews3

There are more, I know, but that’s my list. All the professions on that list are occupied by people that have volunteered to do the jobs. Every one of them. The people that arrived after a 9-1-1 call, to take care of Angelo, were paid by the state to come. They were paid by the state to wrap him up and take him to the hospital and to make sure he found a good, decent home to be released to. The people that took care of Angelo after his father tortured him were working off the public dole. They work in socialist programs. And they should be applauded for volunteering to do those jobs. No one forced them to suffer the trauma they must have suffered when they took care of this little guy. No one forced them to take up these careers and yet they did. Why? Because they care about people.

Why do people expect that doctors will suddenly stop caring about people because those people aren’t paying $1000 a month for the premiums? Why do people think that the doctor’s will suddenly become enslaved, lose their liberty and run for some other profession? Maybe we’d lose the doctors that are only in it for the money and to them I say “Good riddance”. Those that are left will perhaps feel a little restricted by government oversight, but not any more than they are with the insurance companies. Imagine being forced to deny a girl a liver transplant because your hands are tied by the insurance company4. Imagine watching a cancer patient die because the insurance (and hospital) bureaucrats won’t allow treatments due to lack of insurance. These doctors—most of them—care about the people they treat and they want them to be well. Just like the teacher wants to teach and the police officer wants to protect. Sure, there are idiots in all of these professions, but the majority are good people trying to do good in their communities.

They volunteer for their jobs and so will doctors and nurses and all of their staff—even when the government cuts the pay checks. That’s the gist of my argument here, by the way. Giving us public health care won’t cause the doctors to run for the hills, just like having public schools didn’t cause teachers to go on permanent vacation. I actually can’t find any valid arguments against public health insurance, but these that cry that it’s unfair to doctors, especially, are asinine. I can’t imagine a world where I can’t get help via 9-1-1 and I’d like to feel the same way about being able to afford to go to the doctor.

Someone had this analogy recently:

If you get into an accident on the highway, the police will rope off the area to prevent further accidents—at no cost to you—and the fire department will use the jaws of life to remove you from your car—at no cost to you—but the minute you’re strapped to a gurney you’re charged $1,500. What’s wrong with that picture?

I’m grateful that tax-payer dollars were used to pay the people who helped Angelo and who work every day to help other people. And I thank all that’s good and holy that those people and the millions like them, step up and voluntarily work in those positions. Now I think it’s time for my tax-dollars to pay the people who voluntarily work in the medical field to take care of more than just a tiny portion of the population. Medicare for all and all that jazz.

  1. Angelo will be fine, considering the circumstance and that’s wonderful []
  2. Or Shout Down, if you will. []
  3. Doesn’t fit with the helpful civil servant theme generally, but someone’s working on my street right now and it’s in my head. []
  4. She was later approved after a public uproar, but too late to save her. She died. []

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A Couple of things that Irritate a Blogging Dinosaur

Issue #1: Giving Credit

Yesterday I followed a link on Twitter to an article that highlighted something I’d already read on another site. So, I looked for attribution, a hat tip or something that showed the author of the entry acknowledged the original article. Nope. Nada. Zilch. Considering the link I followed was from a well-known news personality, it was obvious that this person was gaining popularity by aggregating someone else’s work (or a bunch of someone elses1) without acknowledging them.

I’m a blogging dinosaur pretty much2 and remember the good old days when bloggers linked out to each other and gave credit where credit was due. I remember reading the now big political sites before they were big or even taken seriously by the big, bad mainstream media (in all forms including, but not limited to, newspapers, magazines and television) and they would see a story on another blog and link back to that blog thusly:

Today I was blog surfing3 and learned that as a 36 year-old woman I am a Cougar as my husband is younger than me AND that I am an “older” woman. (h/t The Redhead)

See what I did there? I read an article in the newspaper but linked back to the site where I originally found the article. Why would I do that? I could have framed it without the “h/t” (Hat tip) and you would never know that I followed a link from someone else’s blog thereby failing to admit I read other people’s blogs and making you think I scour the intertoobs looking for older-than-dirt news on which to comment. There’s no need to send a you somewhere else, where you might find content more interesting than mine and potentially causing you to abandon me. By linking to the site that lead me to the content on which I commented I could potentially lose my credibility as a newshound or something. Who would source me when they could source her? I should be working to make everyone think that I find this stuff myself and that others are aping me. I should be working to make people think that I’m the authority on this shit. I want people that don’t better to think these other people are stealing from me.

Now, back in the day people weren’t so selfish with their linkage. They promoted other bloggers along with themselves and happily admitted that they didn’t stumble upon interesting news/stories all by themselves. They believed wholeheartedly in giving credit whether the credit went to some obscure person no one had ever read before or a major blog such as Crooks & Liars. We happily admitted that we weren’t always original and laughed at those blog whores4 who expected linkbacks, but refused to give proper credit and acknowledge that they’re not that original.

Those people aren’t called blog whores anymore, which is sad because they really are exactly that. They find a good piece of news/blog post/whatthefuckever and rush to put it on their own blog. Then they Stumble themselves, send a tweet (and gag beg for retweets), Digg themselves and basically whore the shit they didn’t think of themselves. And they don’t see any reason to send a link to the person who gave them the seed for the fucking post to begin with. The particular blog that sent me over the edge yesterday was top-to-bottom filled with stories the author(s) found somewhere else, but which didn’t offer any kind of credit.

Oooh, you’re so original! Look at you, offering a one line commentary on something you saw on another site and assuming that no one reads those other sites so doesn’t know that you spend your days whoring your stolen shit5. Woo-hoo! Aren’t you spayshul?

Of course, I’m completely in denial about the fact that all the blogging and SEO “experts” advise against linking out because teh Google won’t look favorably upon your blogging endeavors and, apparently, it’s all about getting to the top of teh Google and making the money. Unless it’s all about trying to get popular like the big guys6 so that the MEDIA will notice you and, ohmygod!, ask you to sit on a panel during David Schuster’s show which will cause your followers to fawn on you and declare you the GOD OF THE INTERNETS. With this particular case, I’m going with the desperate need to be popular and getting a talking-head gig.

Hey, maybe if I quit with the foul language and original thinking (ha!) I can manage to whore scratch my way to the top of the heap of Ye Ole Blogosphere and get myself some money and/or interviews? Just copy and past some shit, throw in a comment and voila! What do you think about that idea? I mean, it’s all the rage right now and I am a follower.

Issue #2: Link Shorteners

Another thing that has become popular lately, and which completely irritate me, is the use of URL shorteners in blog posts. Instead of something like “Fab Jinxed” (hover over the link and see the URL) we get “Fab Jinxed“.

What the fuck is the point? Really? You want to see the stats to who clicking your links in your fucking blog posts? Here’s a thought: Use one of those 35 stats programs you’ve got your blog connected to and look at who’s clicking out. Unless, of course, you’re trying to hide something, in which case you’re an ass and I hope you get burning gonorrhea7. But there is no valid reason you’re using a link shortener in your own blog post. It’s annoying. I want to be able to hover over a link to see where it goes before I decide to click it. For instance, if you’re linking to World Net Daily as a source for some “facts” I won’t bother checking because I know WND sucks monkey turds and I’ve also discerned that you’re a cretin.

URL shorteners are for Twitter or Twitter-like services, where the number of characters is, ahem, rationed. That’s it. On a blog post there is absolutely no need for them. I don’t care what your reasoning is, if you can’t figure out how to set up a stats program to check outgoing click then you need teh Google or some other kind of help. If you don’t know how to shorten a link via HTML and use the URL shorteners to do that for you (though you know how to code the link so it’s clickable which is unbelievably strange), I’ll give you a lesson8:

Step 1: Add your tags and opening code

EX:   <a href=”

Step 2: Add your URL after the opening quote. Just copy and then paste:

EX: <a href=”http://www.fabulouslyjinxed.com

Step 3: Add the closing quote and then use the closing bracket

EX: <a href=”http://www.fabulouslyjinxed.com”>

Step 4: Add a short phrase or some other character to SHORTEN THE LINK

EX: <a href=”http://www.fabulouslyjinxed.com”>???

Step 5: Close the tag

EX: <a href=”http://www.fabulouslyjinxed.com”>???</a> (The forward slash closes your link…dur)

Then you have this: ???

See? Hover over the three question marks, look in the bottom left hand corner of your browser and you’ll see where the link goes. Stop abusing the URL shorteners.

And so ends my rant against blogging abuses for today. And, no, I won’t join my comrades who have given up their blogs for the greener pastures of Facebook. The blogosphere is still stuck with me and my appreciation of the days of yore even as I consider whoring myself out for a talking head gig. And if I start stealing your stuff and not crediting you, don’t worry as I’m just following the advice of the “gurus”. Just sayin’.

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  1. Misspelled because usually “someone else” isn’t plural, but since when did I care about that shit? []
  2. I’ve recently discovered that because I’ve been blogging since before 2008 I am a blogging Maven. Can you believe that shit? Heh. []
  3. We did that back in the day, dontcha know. []
  4. Bloggers who shameless promoted their own shit, didn’t promote anyone else’s shit, refused to participate in the discussion and BEGGED for page views and/or comments on their own shit. []
  5. Ok, maybe not stolen. But lazily obtained without acknowledgement, which irritates the shit out of me []
  6. Too late in the political blogosphere, by the way. They win and you lose. []
  7. Long-standing, inside joke. If you don’t get it I don’t care. []
  8. This also works if you use software that allows you insert the link, also known as a Hyperlink, such as rich text editing or visual editing stuff and/or MOST BLOGGING PLATFORMS. []

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Yes, I am Selfish

I have a health insurance story too. Don’t we all? Mine isn’t as dramatic as some who have been denied needed supplies, such as testing strips for diabetes, or important tests, such as those for a suspected heart problem, but it’s my story and that makes it important—at least to me.

My regular readers know that I suffer from Fibromyalgia Syndrome and they also know that TheMan was recently laid off from his job. My condition is chronic and regardless of what some people have said, it has been progressing (though not necessarily causing permanent harm) and I need to be able to access my doctor. When TheMan got laid off we lost his insurance and my access to my doctor. People will say “What about COBRA?”1, which we were offered. However, COBRA coverage would have cost us $900 a month. For the people who are screaming that we don’t need anymore government mandates or that we don’t need government involved in medical care, this probably doesn’t seem like a lot of money. But when one person in your household is on unemployment2 and the other is working two part-time jobs that don’t pay a lot or offer employer-provided health insurance, there isn’t $900 lying around to pay for the COBRA. We have to pay a mortgage3 and the electricity and the other bills—including, but not limited to food and household supplies. I wanted COBRA, of course, but it really wasn’t a realistic option.

Of course, the first thing I worried about was my “pre-existing condition”. Not how am I going to continue care or let me find a cheap doctor, but how I would manage to get insurance to cover my chronic condition were TheMan able to get back to work. Once you’ve lost the insurance and it’s been lapsed for so long, well, the new insurance won’t pay for what the old insurance paid for. The Certificate of Coverage would mean squat after about 60 days from the point the insurance lapsed. Luckily for me I was eligible for a personal “gap coverage” type of insurance that will, I hope, allow me to get treatment when we’re able to get our insurance back. The premium is only $120 a month. I can’t actually seek treatment for my condition(s) though, because my insurance specifically states that “This policy will not cover treatment for chronic conditions. We recommend another policy for those needs.”4 This gap insurance only pays $1500 a year, 2 days in the hospital and no more than $50 a month for prescriptions—after the $700 deductible for medical treatment and $20 copay for all prescription whether they be generic or not. I can find a new doctor to treat my symptoms, though, but only the ones on their list and only if they’re taking new patients. On this type of policy, there really aren’t that many doctors. I’d like to find one where the office visits cost less than $100, but that’s not likely to happen so I’ve got to figure out a way to get the money for my initial visit (remember the deductible?).

I’m scared, though, because I’ve developed two new symptoms, which actually might not be directly related to my FMS, but which scare the fuck out of me. I mean, sent me into a panic attack and nearly had me to the emergency room. The issue of money has prevented me from going to the doctor for any reason but I especially fear the cost of tests. Did you know that a lot of doctor’s will refuse to see you for a second time if you refuse to follow their treatment guidelines5? Interesting, huh? “Sorry, Doc, I can’t afford that procedure. Can we do something else?” leads to “You obviously don’t want to follow my advice, so you’ll have to find a new doctor. Thanks for coming.” This almost happened to me when I had insurance, actually. I had more confidence to tell my doctor where to stick it at that time—but that’s a whole other story. Anyway, I digress. My symptoms are pretty damned scary and are a big reason I stayed mostly offline for two months. Who needs the stress of seeing other people’s problems when yours are taking over your life? Not me. I didn’t care about what other people were going through because I was so goddamned scared.

I’m going to have to bite the bullet and go see someone and to hell with the costs. Really I am. I know that. I’m a mother and have a responsibility to my children to be alive when they need me. I also know that finding out what’s wrong with me and then getting treatment will send us over the edge. I will have to have an MRI and blood work up. There is no doubt about that. Do you know how much that costs? I know what it costs with insurance and they paid 80% of my last one. This one will be out-of-pocket. And doctors tend to charge more when there is no insurance contract to hold them back. That’s not fair, but it’s a fact. Another fact is that I will no doubt be denied some kind of test or treatment based on my ability to pay. If I was a rich woman I would get gold standard treatment, as it is they will do only what is necessary to cover their own asses.

I keep reading about the UK and Canadian health care systems and how they get pissed at them, but they don’t have to worry about the cost. They don’t have to worry about losing their homes and possibly their lives because of the cost of health care. I see these fucking nutters screaming “we don’t need government health care! Buy your own!” and blah blah blah. They’ve got it, no doubt, and many of them are on government programs. They say we don’t need anything like what the British, Canadians and French enjoy, but we do. When people work their asses off and still can’t afford to go the fucking doctor, something is fucking wrong. I don’t give a damned if someone thinks government is too big—and then enjoys such things as driving on safe roads, knowing 9-1-1 will bring the firemen when the house is burning and knowing they can go to the store and someone has made sure the food there is safe (relatively speaking). I don’t care about the hypocrites. I have no use for them with their spouting off about the evils of government coming between them and their doctor and rations and other such bullshit.

Have you tried to get “experimental treatment” for a condition through your insurance? Have you read the exclusions of your medical insurance? Have you read how much they’ll pay during your lifetime? THE LIMITS OF PAYMENT? Did you know that some schmuck who’s never even met you looks over your files and then determines what treatment they will pay for based on the file? Unlike the “death panels” bullshit or the “government intrusion” bullshit, these are not talking points. These are truths. When you have insurance, there is ALREADY someone coming between you and your doctor. There is already someone looking at the numbers and deciding whether a certain treatment is beneficial to their bottom line. This is how things are now. Except millions of people can’t even get those few benefits offered by the insurance companies because they can’t afford them. Insurance companies run this fucking country and it needs to stop. There should be no reason why someone has to go to the emergency room for basic treatment—except that’s the only doctor they have because no one else will see them without medical insurance. Why cut off health care for millions of people instead of getting these damned companies in line? You know, it was nice being able to go to my doctor and get those tests run and find stuff out—though it took 2 goddamned years. Through no fault of our own, though, that was taken away from us and our health care is rationed.

Gods, but I’ve pissed myself off now. I feel so helpless because of this fucked up condition I have and the fact that these motherfuckers are going to torpedo health care reform so that the insurance companies can continue to suck the life out of Americans. And I don’t really expect anyone to give a rat’s ass about what’s happening to other people. My situation doesn’t hurt anyone but my family and me. The situation of millions of other people doesn’t hurt anyone but their families and them. People with insurance and good jobs and pseudo-options6 can easily look the other way while other people suffer. They don’t realize that they’re one layoff or job loss or heart attack away from losing that security and that ability to say “FUCK YOU, people with no insurance”. And in my evil mind, with the way I feel right now, I wish that the loudest motherfuckers telling me to suck it up would fall flat on their faces. I wish this suffering on Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and those spineless motherfucking Blue Dogs (I’m looking at you, Zack Space)— on every single person that works so hard to deny me the security of affordable health care. I wish they’d lose their insurance and then come down with a chronic, life-threatening condition. And I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it. I’m sure that whenever someone in their community has a fundraiser to pay for an organ transplant or cancer treatment they are right there offering up their hard earned dollars. Right? Don’t hold your breath. Why should any American have to hold a fundraiser for a fucking organ transplant?

By the way, Medicaid pays for those. Did you know that? So, there ya go. As long as you qualify for Medicaid you don’t have to worry about actually paying for that liver or having your insurance company deny payment for it (please take a moment to look at your insurance’s policy on organ transplants).

The rest of the family, though, is covered. Lil’lady is getting Healthy Start, which offers the Medicaid card, and TheMan is covered through the Veteran’s Administration—both government programs. Lil’lady’s regular pediatrician agreed to take the Medicaid for her7 and TheMan has no problem getting an appointment at the VA clinic. At least those two are well cared for (except for Lil’lady’s dentist, but that’s a whole other story). TheMan went back to work, but because he was laid off for so long he’s not eligible for the insurance until November’s open enrollment. Who knows if it’ll still be available to him then?

The fact is there is no reason something can’t be done about this right now. There is no reason our country can’t take care of our people—just like France, Britain, Canada, Germany, et al. These countries aren’t flushing themselves down the toilet of despair by taking the burden of health care off the shoulders of their citizens. These countries aren’t stifling new business/ small business by offering health care to their citizens. These countries aren’t falling back into the dark ages because government pays for the health care of their citizens. I don’t give two fucks what some rightwing noise machine claims. Look for yourself, talk to the people living with real options. Then talk to people here who don’t have the same sort of options—or even any options. Compare notes. You know, one guy might have to wait 2 weeks to get that corn removed from his foot, but he doesn’t have to pay for it. Yes, there are wait times in those countries. Guess what? There are those here too. Sometimes longer. But we have to pay a hefty price for it. They spend less on their health care—even through taxes– than we do on ours. Make sense? Not to me. Not to this person who is dreading getting treatment because she doesn’t want to lose her house. To the townhall mobs and Glenn Beck wannabes, I give a not-so-healthy fuck off. I want what those other countries have and I too am willing to fight for it. I’ve got a better reason to fight against the anti-reformers than they have to fight the reform, though. My life may depend on it.


I’m looking for neither sympathy nor money and that’s why I haven’t included in this particular diatribe my new symptoms. I’m fully aware that other people have bigger problems than mine and I’m fully aware that some fuckhead will think I’m trying to get money. I’m not. The point of this post is to point out that I do, in fact, have an excellent reason to support healthcare reform and that there is a good reason why I can’t even engage in a “civilized” debate with the other side.  

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  1. Which, by the way, was mandated by the government. []
  2. Another government program, by the way. []
  3. On a house we bought with A-1 credit and a $10K down payment, I might add. No foreclosure for us. []
  4. At an outrageous cost, of course. No way could I afford that. []
  5. Things they “suggest” you do for your particular visit. []
  6. You’re really not in charge of your health care, but you’re allowed to think that while you’re paying the premiums and deductibles. []
  7. Contrary to popular belief, doctors in Ohio aren’t required to accept it and, in fact, most don’t. []

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Floating Boobies

Most of the people I follow on Twitter are progressive or liberal.  I like reading their various views on things and following their links. Mostly. Today a lot of them were pissing me off. I was in a foul mood anyway, so it didn’t take much to set me off. And I have no idea why I expected more from a group of people that laugh hysterically at Rush Limbaugh’s man-boobs (though he does so deserve to be laughed at for every single thing about him).

Carrie Prejean is Miss California. She’s the winner of a fucking beauty pageant that has made public statements against gay marriage. Whoo-di-fucking-do, right? There are enough intelligent women and men in this country to ably counter anything this chick might have to say. And generally she would be ignored anyway just because she’s a part of that “beauty pageant” subculture, which I can’t stand. I know I was ignoring her. And happily. There are thousands of people, who are more powerful and have more influence, that are against same-sex marriage and, I thought, those were the people the movement for same-sex marriage should be fighting against. Apparently, I missed the boat on how utterly important this woman is. Or, better yet, how shameful she because she 1) got breast implants and 2) she was photographed topless.

I have a lot of strong opinions on society valuing women’s bodies more than their intellect and talent. Who the fuck cares if you look good in a string bikini if you don’t know jack shit about what’s going on in the world around you? If you can’t manage your own finances, who the fuck cares if your nails are perfectly done? So, here’s a beauty contestant that has political views and has agreed to be a spokesperson for a group supporting those same views. That should be a relief to people who hate the beauty pageant culture for it’s objectification and dumbing down of the contestants. But no. Apparently she should have kept her mouth shut and just sat pretty.

This is where I’m parting ways with some of my lefty compatriots. Mock her for her beliefs, yes. We do that with everyone to a certain extent. Laugh at the stupid shit that may come out of her mouth1. But what’s the point of going on and on and on about her boobs?

She had a boob job before the competition. Ohmyfuckinggod! Can you believe that shit? Here’s a young woman who, for whatever fucked up reason, chose to enter a contest where she would be judged not on her intellect, talent or character, but on her looks, who paid money to improve those looks. According to societal standards, of course. The world of pageantry says that flawless skin, slim figures, and firm breasts are beautiful. Those that enter that world want to conform to those standards. Getting a boob job did that for this woman. It gave her an extra edge in that competition. That was the goal. Why is this shocking? Why isn’t the fact that she felt she needed a boob job being discussed instead of her fake “floating” titties? Why isn’t the fact that those new boobs probably won her more points than anything else in that competition being discussed?

I’ll ignore the chatter about her baring her breasts. I can actually see the hypocrisy in that as she’s supposed to me all moral and upstanding (and now I’m ignoring the question of why does women covering their breasts equal moral). She worked hard for that body and she wants to show it off, but she doesn’t want people that have lived together and loved each other for 50 years to be married. Yes, there’s hypocrisy there. That should most definitely be called out.

I won’t take Ms. Prejean seriously because she doesn’t take herself seriously and she’s a hypocrite. But it’s not because she had a boob job. If I dismissed every woman who’s ever done something to “improve” her looks I’d miss out on a lot of wonderful people, including:

  1. Any woman who has ever put on makeup because “her eyes are so much prettier that way”
  2. Any woman who has ever run on a treadmill in effort to fit into those jeans (as opposed to staying fit and healthy)
  3. Any woman who has “washed that gray right out of” her hair
  4. Any woman who has ever used wrinkle “reducing” cream
  5. Any woman who has ever worn control-top panty hose
  6. Any woman who has ever added spritz to her hair in order to “control the frizz”
  7. Any woman who has ever had her teeth straightened and/or whitened
  8. Any woman who has ever spent 5 minutes in a tanning bed (or laying out on the beach)

Of course, that’s only a partial list. As women, we are conditioned at a young age to do certain things to be pretty in our society. And most people don’t think ill of women doing that. In fact, if a woman in the public eye dares to go out without her hair done and makeup perfect she’s ridiculed. We do it because it’s expected of us. The only people who should be able to ridicule a woman’s physical “enhancements” are those that are perfectly happy with their physical appearance and don’t engage in any of the above actions2. Going on about a boob job is something I expect from asshole motherfuckers who can’t piece a coherent thought together to save their lives. You know the ones: “A woman’s place is in the home.” I most certainly don’t expect to see it coming from people who are supposed to be more politically aware and sensitive.

The very nature of her anti same-sex marriage stance is repulsive. Argue that. But stop arguing that her argument is invalid because she got fucking implants. That kind of diminishment is insulting to all women. Progressives and liberals should be the last people to be using the way a woman looks to bury her argument—whether it’s good or no.


I know these issues are regularly discussed on the rad fem sites. I was just irritated that this meme was going on for so long in my Twitter stream and even the self-professed feminists there weren’t calling it out. I’m glad, though, that since my temper tantrum it seems to have died down.

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  1. I don’t listen to her as I was trying not to pay attention to her. []
  2. Including those not listed. []

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Why Do You Hate Ohio?

Ohio is set to receive some of the $8 billion set aside for a high speed transit system. Our portion of the rail line would run through/to Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton and Toledo. Building that line would created thousands of jobs for Ohioans, boosting our tax income and taking the state away from the brink of economic disaster. We are 49th in the nation in economic outlook and jobs. According to the linked article Ohioans are migrating from the state in droves:

The council’s study, “Rich States, Poor States: ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index,” is a guide for economic recovery based on state policies that have a proven impact on growth.

The study found that net migration from 2000 to 2007 hurt Ohio, where it ranked 5th worst, losing 397,900 people.

But the vocal minority that lost the last election are screaming mad about a rail line. They want no part of it, no part of the stimulus money. Even though work has stopped on some infrastructure projects because of lack of funds– putting more people out of work — these imbeciles are screeching to stop the money. It’s infuriating.

We have already lost money here because we were mollycoddling the losers. I spoke to a friend a couple of weeks ago and she told me that her job load (intake worker for the Department of Jobs and Family Services) has increased by about 8% in the last year, but that the state has a hiring freeze and that they are going to be laying off workers at the JFS. So, there are more people applying for (and qualifying for) food stamps, but there are going to be less people to take care of the needs of neglected children, neglected elderly folks and the poor in our county. Because the state is hurting.

But these fucking teabagging idiots would love to see the state lose more citizens and likely become the laughing stock of the nation1 . Why? Because their guy flushed this country down the toilet and their party lost the election because of it. Now, because Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh say so, they will screech like pissed monkeys at any kind of progress out state makes.

I have lived in Ohio my entire life2 and have a little bit of state pride. We have some excellent destinations in our state, beautiful landscape, and a rich history. We invented football, for gods’ sakes. But every day there are more foreclosures in the paper, more jobs lost– 834 people applied for a school janitorial position recently. Still, the vocal minority screams and wails and gnashes their teeth that money for jobs is coming to Ohio.

Instead of all the good workers and intelligent minds leaving this state, I wish these flippin’ hick-ass people would high-tail it down to Texas and help them secede. Then we could build our own state back to what it used to be. Before the idiots realized Fox News was the be-all and end-all and started polluting the newspaper’s comments with their bloviating. Here is an example of someone with their head screwed on straight. And what about the comments? Well, of course, they cry “Who’s going to pay? US! The taxpayers!”

Fuck off. Those still left working aren’t going to have their taxes raised. But there are plenty of people that have had their taxes cut: those that have lost their jobs. Most would gladly pay a little more in taxes to be able to support themselves and their families again. Most would gladly take the stimulus money and go straight to the bank– to pay past due fucking mortgage. I am deeply ashamed of the people in my state who have nothing better to do than to take away from those that need it most.

Food pantries are running bare. Charitable donations are down. People are struggling to pay their electric bills (which just went up for most of Ohio). Low-income/free clinics are seeing their patient numbers rise. More people are applying for food stamps. Hospitals are cutting staff. Our schools are losing dollars left and right. And the fucking teabagging brigade just keeps pounding that we don’t need no damned money. Who needs money from the goddamned liberals? Certainly not our state.

Fuck them all. I hope that the loudest among them fall victim to this economy. I hope that one day they sit at their kitchen table and have to make a choice about whether to buy food for their children or pay the electric bill. Their leaders, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, won’t have to worry about where money for food will be coming from, that’s for sure. But I certainly hope those that screech the loudest that Ohio should reject stimulus money sure find out what it feels like.

That’s bad, I know. But I’m sick of hearing the talk at work, reading it in my newspaper, listening to my goddamned inlaws spout it. You ask them “What about jobs?” and they just keep repeating the mantra “Who’s going to pay for it?” Who’s paying for anything when they don’t have a job to make the money?3

We’re all paying for it right the fuck now. When our neighbors can’t make ends meet and our communities are struggling to fill fucking potholes and our churches have nothing else to give to the poor we are all paying the price. I am done listening to this bullshit being spewed wherever I go.

From now on my stock response will be “Why do you hate Ohio?”

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  1. Thank the gods we have Texas and Alaska to take the spotlight off of us for a while. []
  2. Save for about a year when I ran away to Florida, but that’s a whole other topic. []
  3. Full Disclosure: My personal income has dropped significantly since the first of the month because of more layoffs in my area. []

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Meta Twitter

You know, I love Twitter. I’m officially addicted. Not so much in the following of people, but in reading the streams (and tweeting, of course). So when the big name Progressive blogosphere finally discovered it, I was thrilled. I mean, the #tcot1 were getting pretty numerous and I was thinking “Damn it, the Wingers are getting ahead of us on this one.” But then finally progressive voices started filtering in2.

So, I started following a couple. I probably shouldn’t have as I should know better by now3 but I did. Then I started looking at their stats. Once again the “leaders” of the Progressive blogosphere are forming a circle jerk. They’re happily penning posts about the wonder that is Twitter (though they’ve just signed on, still they’re “experts”) and giving all kinds of useful information about the service4 and telling people how to go about using it.

Except for their circle jerk and their unbelievable refusal to recognize anyone outside of that circle. They’re not following anyone not already on the a-list and they’re certainly not acknowledging replies from the “lessers”. Same old shit, different service.

The a-list #tcot, of course, are different. They don’t mind giving the occasional shout out to the lessers. They recognize their audience and seem to appreciate it (screeching monkeys though they may be). And that’s how Twitter should be. A community wherein the leaders in the niche recognize those that have made them the leaders. Progressive a-listers still suck ass in that respect.

So, I’ve decided to not follow them. Fuck ‘em. Yeah, I’ve only got 200 followers, so I’m not too important in the scheme of things. But I’d rather follow people who tweet interesting things, funny things and interact with their twitter stream. Honestly, people who have real influence5 like Shaquille O’Neal, Demi Moore and Jimmy Fallon take time out of their busy day to interact, but Progressives can’t? Fine with me. I like the “lessers” better anyway. Way more interesting. And helpful. I don’t need to follow another link to the same story someone else already posted (and the second one from the a-lister is probably given without attribution unless it’s from a member of their circle). Pfft.

Ok, off my soapbox now. I’ve once again learned my lesson. Politics is fun– but only with people who don’t look on the “lessers” as inconvenient necessities. Pfft.

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  5. And money []

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I’ve been actively trying to avoid politics. I’ve overdosed on it and it’s really starting to depress me. I figure I’ve got enough on my plate and seeing the same regurgitated outrage over and over again just doesn’t help any of that. So I’ve found other things to keep me entertained.

But two days ago the Obama administration announced that they would help the Big Three automakers with a “bailout” only after more concessions were made. One of those concessions was that GM CEO Rick Wagoner step down. I don’t give a flying fuck about Wagoner, because he sucks and he’s going to be taken care of no matter what happens. What I care about is that one of the other concessions was that all of the autoworkers were going to be expected to make sacrifices. Specifically I’m talking about this:

It will require unions and workers who have already made painful concessions to make even more. […]

And so I’d like to speak directly to all those men and women who work in the auto industry or live in the countless communities that depend on it. Many of you have been going through tough times for longer than you’d care to remember. And I will not pretend the tough times are over. I cannot promise you there isn’t more pain to come.[…]

There are jobs that cannot be saved. There are plants that will not reopen. And there is little I can say that can subdue the anger or ease the frustration of all whose livelihoods hang in the balance because of failures that weren’t theirs.[…]

That is why today, I am designating a new Director of Recovery for Auto Communities and Workers to cut through red tape and ensure that the full resources of our federal government are leveraged to assist the workers, communities, and regions that rely on our auto industry.

But don’t worry:

if you buy a car from Chrysler or General Motors, you will be able to get your car serviced and repaired, just like always. Your warrantee will be safe. In fact, it will be safer than it’s ever been. Because starting today, the United States government will stand behind your warrantee [sic].[..]

Third, the IRS is today launching a campaign to alert consumers of a new tax benefit for auto purchases made between February 16th and the end of this year – if you buy a car anytime this year, you may be able to deduct the cost of any sales and excise taxes. This provision could save families hundreds of dollars and lead to as many as 100,000 new car sales.

You warranty is safe, but the people that built that car are fucked two ways from Sunday. And the people that earned their retirement money, pensions and health care in their old age? Fuck them, too. You see, the contracts are only legally binding if it’s the AIG execs who are getting the millions of dollars in bonuses from their bailout money. They’re the “smart ones” and the brains and blah blah blah. Their contracts matter. The union guys and gals who signed contracts and were due their retirement benefits? They don’t matter.

I was sick over this the other day. Disen-fucking-chanted, even. My blood boiled. There are more concessions due from the workers on the plant floor and too bad-so sad if they have contracts. They’re blue collar working class folk. They don’t have high flautin’ degrees and high-priced tiny assed condos. They work hard doing physical labor and therefore their homes, families and health don’t matter. At least that’s the message I’ve been seeing.

Don’t worry, though. They’ll finally qualify for food stamps and they can get Medicare for their kids. Thank the gods SCHIP passed, huh?

The hypocrisy here is unbelievable. Yes, I know the auto industry needed to revamp a long time ago. Blah fucking blah. I’m talking about the fact that officially nothing can be done about AIG bonus pay outs, but the retired autoworker in Florida– who lives off his pension– is going to find himself without that fucking pension, because everyone has to make concessions. Lazy bastards should have gone to school and insisted that they’re employers go green so long ago. And why the hell didn’t the dumb motherfuckers vote Democratic all these years?

These are some of the messages I’ve been seeing from the “Progressive” community. Instead of wondering why the low-man on the totem pole is getting the shaft1 and why those people have to make more concessions2 they are blaming these people for staying in these jobs, for not being smart enough to get a higher education and, OMG! getting paid a decent wage when other people– who are way smarter — aren’t making that kind of money.

This is just one example of “Progressive” empathy for the screwing the blue collar workers have to endure:

Not going along with this (1+ / 1-)

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happy camper

I’m all for Unions, but 30-40 per hour in the midwest with just a high school diploma is a joke.

The average teacher in NY with 6 years of college education starts at a 50K/year salary and wont dream of owning a home until 10+ years into their career if they’re lucky (or if they have supplemental income).

The average UAW worker is making about 40 dollars an hour with no further education and pulling down around 70-80k a year.

It’s no wonder our education system is a joke, meanwhile we have to listen to the boohooing about the unions conceding oh so much. Spare me.

by PooNani on Tue Mar 31, 2009 at 11:27:28 AM EDT

Now, I’ll go on to say that most of the other comments in that thread are telling this particular person to shut the fuck up. But there are plenty of other comments that say something similar (though probably not so heavy handed and no, I’m not going to copy them all). What pissed me off is that so many “Progressives” are blaming the workers for this shit. They’re telling them to “buck up” and deal. To “retrain”. How the fuck does a 45 year-old person, who’s worked in the same plant for 20 years, retrain? And what happens to their homes and families in the meantime?

SACRIFICE!! But not if you’re working on Wall Street. Get used to a lower quality of life! But not if you’re uber-smart with numbers and can make yourself a millionaire at someone else’s expense.

These folks– and, indeed, the people that are in their sphere of influence who will also “feel the pain”– have probably lost their life savings3 and have given up many of their benefits that people who aren’t in unions seem so jealous of. They’ve taken voluntary pay cuts. They haven’t stopped working just as hard as they were working before.

And let me tell you something: Working in a fucking factory is hard goddamned work. It’s not standing around with a fucking broom waiting for someone to give you specific instructions on how to sweep it. That’s rightwing propaganda and I’m not hearing that shit. 10-12 hour days of back breaking fucking work is worth what these folks were getting. They were the lucky ones. They got decent pay for the crap they put up with, because they were union. And they deserve their benefits, their retirement and the homes they bought with their hard-earned savings. They don’t deserve to lose it while their execs– and AIG execs — get to walk away with their nice houses and pretty savings portfolios. Hypocrisy.

In Ohio we value the hard work the guys on the floor do. Maybe we should push harder for a fancy-schmancy college education4 but many people in this area (and in Michigan) are content to work with their hands and in these positions. There is nothing wrong with that. But “progressive” wisdom is that they brought this on themselves because they chose that work5 and because they just aren’t that smart. Fuck them and their contracts.

I’m not even sure if I would have been as god-awful pissed as I was (and am again) if I hadn’t seen Progressives standing behind Obama to such an extent as to tell their fellow Progressives6 to buck up and shut up. Quit whining when you’re watching your world fall out from under you? Fuck that noise.

When these folks lose their livelihood, it’s not going to just be the plants that are affected. It’s going to be the neighborhood stores and restaurants, the tax base, the entire. That unemployment and poverty is going to stretch further than just 42,000 people (or so). The few remaining local businesses are going to see a drastic decline in revenue, the cities are going to lose tax money, homes are going to go into foreclosure and that many more people are going to become dependent on government assistance. There will be no other jobs to find when this happens.

But, hey! Those of us living here in the Rust Belt will just buck up and become innovative. After we lose our incomes, our homes and our healthcare. No, we have no reason to be whining and gnashing our teeth. We have no reason to be angry. We were prosperous while stupid, dontcha know. Our potholes aren’t getting filled, our food pantries aren’t getting filled and our cost of living is going through the roof. But hey! We brought it on ourselves. Right?78

FUCK that noise.

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  2. Why didn’t Wagoner have to leave without his goddamned bonus? []
  3. If they did the “smart” thing and invested []
  4. Full disclosure: I’m a computer programmer in training at the local university. []
  5. As if there was ever a lot of choices inside of our states. []
  6. Those of us who live in the Rust Belt and who will be directly affected by these “concessions” []
  7. My family is lucky for now. I have no idea what our situation will be in a few months. We’re not union. But we empathize with those that are immediately affected. []
  8. Who cares about the working class as long as we can still get cheap shit from China, anyway? []

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Let Them Go, Please

It looks like Chuck Norris (yes, that Chuck Norris) and Glenn Beck1 are attempting to lead a new American Revolution. Apparently, Chuck even wants to be President of Texas. Looks like the crazy secessionists and militia-types have their national leaders now and they can finally start shooting people.

And by the looks of those comments in the first linked article those people are probably brown, Jewish, women with strong political voices and/or college educated LIE-BER-ALS2.

At any rate, I stopped reading my hometown paper because the crazy was infecting the comments section. I did not realize that our brand of crazy is so tame compared to the real crazy drifting to the top of this economic mudpit. But from reading what these people are saying, it’s not about the economy– unless they are so angry because they’ve lost their jobs and homes. It’s that they don’t accept that Obama is the duly elected president and there is no other way of getting him out of office3. Chuck Norris and Glenn Beck (gods curse their souls) are feeding on that irrational hatred and fear. Norris is probably is true believer– Beck is a media whore who’s trying to be the new Limbaugh.

From the Examiner:

The call by some right wing leaders for rebellion and for the military to refuse the commander in chief’s orders is joined by Chuck Norris who claims that thousands of right wing cell groups have organized and are ready for a second American Revolution. During an appearance on the Glen Beck radio show he promised that if things get any worse from his point of view he may “run for president of Texas.” The martial artist/actor/activist claims that Texas was never formally a part of the United States in the first place and that if rebellion is to come through secession Texas would lead the way.

Holy shitballs! He wants to take Texas and cut it the fuck out of the Union. I say “Go for it”, Chuckie! More power to you. Our country’s overall stats for killing people on death row will go down, our national I.Q. will probably go up4, and we’ll be done with you and Dubya for all of eternity. Well, until your new “countrymen” realize you suck ass as a President and they decide they want to be back in the good ol’ U.S.A. Good riddance to you, I say.

People like to claim that they’re pissed off about the stimulus and giving money to big corporations, but where were these same complaints when these same corporations were getting huge tax breaks (”welfare”)? Where were the complaints when companies were shutting their doors here and moving over there? Where were these complaints when companies like Halliburton were getting paid billions for jobs they weren’t even doing? These same people who are threatening rebellion didn’t have much to say about all of that. The “leaders” were getting fat off the pork from the government and they liked it. Now there’s a new administration and regular people are going to benefit from government “waste” and suddenly they care? Right.

The funniest thing about this stimulus brouhaha is that the country’s top economists are saying that there isn’t enough money being spent and they can’t be heard because the idiots with the microphones are doing all they can to shout loud enough to get the lessers stirred up. They use words like “welfare” to describe money being given to the states and laugh at words like “infrastructure”. The least intelligent among us hear their dog whistles and start screaming with them while the sensible people are drowned out5.

In the comments of my hometown paper there are a group of Birthers/naysayers that have nothing but scorn for Obama and the stimulus. Even as the headlines proclaim Ohio is getting millions and my hometown is up for a piece of that pie, they yell about waste. A few of us have piped up to try to make them understand that without jobs people can’t make money which means they can’t spend money and they have to go elsewhere to try to survive– taking their potential with them. They don’t hear it. Money is being given to the states by the feds which means that money is bad and is welfare and to hell with the people that can benefit from those jobs6.

My hometown is going to take that money and do some work on their infrastructure. They’re going to improve the street drainage system (which is a big point of contention considering they flood every time it rains– and the complainers complain)), widen some roads and work on the electrical grid (which causes a lot of grief during the rain, too). These projects require people to do them. That means employing local men and women– people who have probably lost good paying jobs elsewhere and who desperately need the money these new jobs will provide. These folks will then have money to keep their houses (real estate taxes will be paid), buy local goods and services (sales taxes will be paid) and will stay in the area with their hard-earned money. That will help the local economy which is exactly what the stimulus is supposed to do7.

So, I say let these idiots secede. That’s more money and jobs for the rest of us. Let them fend for themselves in their own little utopia and let the rest of enjoy a country free of their incessant bleating. They can have Texas (and Oklahoma, if they want) and we can get back to healing this country of the wounds left by Dubya et al. Let the crybabies cry and let the rest of us move on with our lives.

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  2. Not necessarily all combined, or in that order, of course. []
  3. Lefties always hoped for impeachment. []
  4. No offense, Monique Renae, but you know… []
  5. And this doesn’t even count the fuckheads who are still yelling that Obama isn’t a U.S. citizen. Good fucking grief… []
  6. Not likely to be the loudest complainers because those people are likely retired or haven’t held a job for years because they’re quite obviously mentally unbalanced. []
  7. I DO NOT agree with the whole stimulus, but I’m not an economist and don’t know the whole BIG picture with regards to the whole package. []

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A Class I Should Just Drop

**This post was started Tuesday but I was consistently interrupted and so stopped working on it. So, two days ago was Fat Tuesday. Today is not. OK? ****

Today, for those of you out of the loop, is Fat Tuesday. Today we’re all supposed to party like it’s 1999 so that tomorrow we can decide to not do something for the Lent season. Or something like that. You know, sacrifice your vice type stuff. Of course, for those that are Catholic it means something totally different, but I’m not Catholic so I really don’t know what that different is.

So, I was thinking of what I could give up for Lent (even though I’m not Catholic) and thought “Aha! Politics!” So, my plan was to block all of my favorite political sites and be done with them for a few weeks. Mwahaha!!

Yeah, right.

Anyway, that was until my history professor with his doctorate decided to be a stupid ass again1 . I’m seriously considering dropping that class. So, tonight Tuesday after we watched a stupid “documentary” (which wasn’t) he decided to tell us how the relations between the U.S. and China are starting to resemble those of Britain and China just prior to the Opium Wars. He asserted that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was going to go to China next week2 to ask China for a loan so that the Obama administration could fund the stimulus package thus putting the U.S. in massive debt to China.

He failed to mention– this Mr. I’ve-got-a-doctorate-in-history — that the U.S. debt to China predates Obama and is already nearly $700 billion. Let’s look at some evidence, shall we?3

This article in the New Yorker was published in April 2005. Before Obama and before the Democrats took control of Congress.

[…]Doomsayers have been predicting for a while that the profligacy will lead to serious trouble. So why hasn’t it?

One answer is that Asia won’t let it. Last year, Asian countries invested almost four hundred billion dollars in the United States, mostly in government bonds. China is effectively taking most of its excess national savings and lending it to the United States. The Japanese, who despite their creaking economy remain flush with savings, bought a quarter trillion dollars of American debt last year, even though the interest is lousy and the assets themselves are losing value. More than any other nation in history, the United States depends, economically, on the kindness of strangers. Right now, Asian investors appear very kind.

I’m sorry, StupidProfPants, you were saying?

But wait! There’s more. What would happen were China and Japan to suddenly decide that they just don’t love us anymore and stop investing in the U.S.?

Of course, the Chinese and the Japanese could decide that the costs of the falling dollar are too great, and suddenly stop (or, at least, cut back sharply) their lending to the United States. This would lead to a so-called “hard landing” for the U.S. economy: high inflation, punitive interest rates, collapsing stock prices and housing prices. It would also lead to bedlam for China and Japan. Their best customers would effectively be unable to afford their wares. To paraphrase John Paul Getty: If you owe the bank a hundred dollars, you’ve got a problem. If you owe the bank three trillion dollars, the bank’s got a problem.

If China decided to pull out all interest in U.S. Treasury bonds, our economy– and theirs — would collapse. Completely. We’re pretty much dependent on each other. At least we were in 2005 before Clinton became Secretary of State and went to beg for money.

But did she do that? Hm, I guess that would depend on your own interpretation. Mine is: No. She was asking the Chinese to continue to invest in the United States so that our fragile economy wouldn’t go further into the toilet as well as recognizing our mutual dependency on each other (but mostly our dependency on them because they’re the ones loaning all the money).

According to Bloomberg:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged China to continue buying Treasury bonds to help finance President Barack Obama’s stimulus plan.

The two nations’ economies are intertwined and it wouldn’t be in China’s interest if the U.S. were unable to sell its government debt, Clinton said in an interview with Shanghai’s Dragon Television today. China knows it needs a healthy American economy as its biggest export market, she said, adding that the U.S. must take “drastic measures” to stimulate growth.

“We are truly going to rise or fall together,” Clinton said. “By continuing to support American treasury instruments, the Chinese are recognizing” that interconnection.


China, the largest holder of U.S. government debt, boosted purchases by 46 percent last year to a record $696.2 billion as the global recession spurred demand for the securities. The Chinese government said last week it plans to keep buying Treasuries, adding that future purchases will depend on the preservation of their value and the safety of the investment.

China already owns us– pretty much. And that happened before Obama took office. We’ve been borrowing from them for years– mostly to fund Operation Iraqi Freedom and the “War on Terror”. This is not the O-man’s doing. Luckily for us, Americans are the top purchasers of Chinese products. Wal-Mart shits out “Made in China” and we scoop it up. If we don’t have money to buy that shit, China doesn’t make any money and BOOM! We’re all fucked.

My professor, who is looking more and more like a Glenn Beck ass licker every day, failed to mention that, of course. Our class consists of a good number of PSE4 kids and do they know any better? No. Of course. They think he knows what the fuck he’s talking about. He lays down these little pieces of GOP talking points and hopes beyond hope that these kids pick it up and it sinks in their brains. And they aren’t going to question him because they don’t know any better.

But he didn’t realize I would be in his class and that I can’t keep my mouth shut. He never thought that there would be that one person in his class that would say:
“Excuse me? Could you cite your source for that? Because the United States has been in debt to China for years and that didn’t start with the Obama administration.”

Of course, this didn’t invite conversation. Suddenly class was over and he’d see us on Thursday. That was probably a good thing as I remembered that we’re in debt, but didn’t remember the details. I’ve since amassed good deal of source material so that I can (hopefully) bash him over the head with it.((I probably won’t. He won’t bring it up in class again– just like the Mexico thing.)) I hope he knows now that not everyone in that class is ignorant and that some of us are vaguely familiar with what’s going on regarding American foreign policy and politics.

Please excuse any and all typos as I’m being me and that’s just the way things roll ’round here.

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  1. Last time was when he declared that Mexico is not part of North America– and stood by that. []
  2. Clinton has already been to Asia. []
  3. But only a little bit, because I’m short on time. []
  4. Post-Secondary Education = High school []

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Because I just didn’t Know

Well, tomorrow starts real life again. I was hid away for the last couple of days. I won’t say it was very fun, but it was kind of re-energizing. I didn’t have a lot of drama to deal with and the jacuzzi was a little bit of fun.


Anyway, I don’t know if you follow me on Twitter or not1, but I mentioned my history (World Civilization 2) professor the other day. Seems he very much believes that Mexico (you know, the one south of the border) is NOT a part of North America. He mentioned “South America” and “Central America” a few times in one class session– each time referring to Mexican Native People. I became concerned, perturbed and downright frustrated with this. Here was a professor with a doctorate and shit and he was saying something that was making my brain turn to mush (I generally like history, by the way, so shhhh). Had I been mislead and instructed wrongly all of these years? What about the media that was telling me that Mexico is, in fact, part of North America? Why had I ever believed such LIES?!

I even questioned the good Doctor (ha!) after class was over.

Me: You kept saying Mexico wasn’t part of North America. Is this a new thing?

Him: No. It’s never been a part of North America.

Me: Really? I’d never heard that. Then why are they part of NAFTA?

Him: walks away shaking his head

I was concerned for my very sanity. I was obsessed with finding out when Mexico became not-apart of North America. I went to my next class and Whoo! There’s a computer with an internet connection2. So, I go to teh Google for the truth.

Was I insane or is my prof a “crack-smoking freak“?

I am not insane. He is a freak.

Besides learning that my history professor (with his flippin’ doctorate) is geographically impaired I learned something else– equally valuable. Something that shocked and appalled me because I do not hold a doctorate and do not claim to be uber-smart but thought I was relatively “in the know”. I learned that….

Greenland is part of North America too! Woo! Not only that, but I also learned that everyone in my real life to whom I asked the question “What continent does Greenland belong to?” was just as clueless as I. That so made my day.

Just another bit of knowledge stored for that wonderful day when someone will invite me to a Trivia Pursuit tournament and I can happily impress everyone else with the fact3 that I know a little about a lot but not a lot about anything. ;)

Peace, love and lollipops.

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