And Now My Job

I was up in the air about whether I would discuss my workplace. I didn’t know if I wanted that much about me out there. Sure I discuss my kids every so often and I’ll throw in a post about school here and there, but usually I try to remain slightly mysterious. An enigma even. … Read More

Can I getta clue?

Guess what? My “official” blogging career is officially 4 years old!1 Woot! Take that!2 Does that make me a “real” blogger now? Have I earned my wings? Am I there yet, people? Recently I read yet another post from someone that thought they knew what a blog should be and what it shouldn’t be. This … Read More

80% Approval Rating

I tweeted this, but thought it bore repeating with a little more detail. I hear McCain supporters applaud Sarah Palin’s approval rating as a reason why they are happy she’s on the ticket. “Alaska is so big! And she’s got an 80% approval rating. How can that be bad?” I hear McCain supporters applaud Sarah … Read More

I Got a Present

Monique was a darling and convinced me to give her my actual home address. At first I was leery and then decided why not? So I did. Guess what? She sent me goodies!! Behold: There’s a smiley magnet (I seriously love the smilies), a little Texas magnet complete with a gun that reads “We don’t … Read More