Is Sex Evil? Nope.

I may have mentioned the CT’er1 that comes into my job. I like her generally, but she’s easy to get riled. I find that hilarious. The other day this fine lady told me that Podesta or Clinton or someone was a gasp follower of Aleister Crowley. She declared him evil because he practiced gasp sex magic.

Regardless of your feelings on Crowley (I have none either way), the idea that sex magic is EVUL™ just grates my cookies. Sex is evil? Well, it can be. That’s true. Men have used rape to subjugate women – and other men – forever. But overall? Sex is most assuredly not evil.

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  1. Conspiracy Theorist []

Your Karma Hurts Us Too

Caution: Convoluted Religious Discussion Ahead.
Hover over the footnote links to see what they say without scrolling to the bottom.

I’m a believer in Karma. Not the Hindu version, though it’s similar. I say “Karma” because I have no other word for it and people mostly know to what I’m referring when I say it. Anyway, my version is more closely related to the Wiccan “Three Fold Law”. That basically says that whatever energy you put out into the universe is returned to you three times. I don’t agree with the “threefold” part of that, but it’s pretty close. And my belief in Karmic law is the very core of my spiritual beliefs. I have gotten to a point in my life where all of my major life decisions/actions are thought out based on where I sit in the universal justice system. I don’t blame anyone for anything “bad” that may have happened to them1, but there are lessons to be learned throughout the spirit’s journey2.

My philosophy is simple: Equal justice– good or bad. If you’re good to someone/something, then you will be rewarded. And that’s true in reverse. Not many people can clearly appreciate that this means, to me, pretty much all the good and bad. That the energy (if you want to call it that) balances out one way or the other. And that balance will most definitely include anyone directly in your sphere of influence3 — close family and friends, such as your spouse and children. My belief is that past life adjudications affect whose sphere you’re in during any period of time and a huge combination of different things helps decide the justice you receive (which is not necessarily doled out on a daily basis, mind you).

I can’t tell you any kind of specifics because those would vary per person and circumstance and the decisions already made during the current lifetime4. Those are the things you (as in your soul) must figure out and learn through your current journey/lesson. The beginning and causes of the justice are not known to your conscious self (current embodiment), but you’ll recognize when you need to make a life altering decision based on what your soul already knows5.

Anyway, most people don’t really appreciate my philosophy because, well, it doesn’t sit well with them when bad things happen. My mother almost blew a gasket when I told her my thoughts on my son’s death. Until she insisted that Lil’lady was him and then I blew the gasket, but that’s neither here nor there. Most people are more content to think “There’s a reason for everything6” or that “God has a plan7 “. That’s fine and that’s the reason I don’t really share my core beliefs with anyone. I won’t argue about it because I can’t be unconvinced. But I’m not blaming anyone because that’s not my place. My place is to thoroughly examine my own actions in my own life and determine if they should be adjusted and fine tuned and to accept whatever the fates will put upon me. Ah, but that’s not sitting well, is it?

Now, back to the sphere of influence8 and how your Karma can affect those around you. It’s all well and good when you’ve hit the lottery/won a trip/lived through a surgery, but what about when you’re being punished for a negative action? Of course, since most people don’t believe in this9 they don’t think about this. For instance, TheMan doesn’t believe in Karma. He doesn’t believe in the universe’s justice system and doesn’t think what he does now10 affects the rest of us negatively. He’s wrong.

My friends know what he did. His actions caused a lot of hurt and traumatized the family. That’s a lot of negative energy thrown into the winds. During that time, I worked on what I could do to better myself, keep the family together and stop the overturning of our little boat. I thought a lot about revenge and how I could make him suffer just as bad as I was. I considered things like poison ivy in the underpants, slicing of the tires, calling of the boss and tipping her off that drug use was happening11. I made lists. Then I set them aside and went on with my life.

I’d encountered Karma many times in my life. After getting smacked around about a million times, I’m pretty sure I learned my lesson where she is concerned. I knew that I wouldn’t get out from under her justice were I to follow my instincts. Sadly, I was left with only revenge fantasies. Which sort of pulled me through the darkest time. And, by the way, I recognize my own fault in the justice that was meted on me. This is, once again, part of the core of my belief system. It was my job to learn from that and repair whatever damaged I had previously caused.

At any rate, his “bad” Karma increased significantly and he began to receive the justice for that. Because it’s a very personal thing, he was struck financially12. He was given opportunity to see the error of his ways and to get back on the right side of Karma. He started to at one point. But his penance hadn’t been fully paid when he began to backslide. So, again he was served a blow to the head. I told him he had to make right. He didn’t get it.

Now his actions are once again negatively affecting us– those in his sphere of influence. He’s been laid off permanently (when before it was just a week), been denied unemployment for 2 weeks, we’ve lost our insurance and denied a job for which he was vying. He’s become dependent on me, which seriously eats at him. My income has been sustaining us and that just kills him. So, we’re at a point where he’s losing faith again and trying to find his “manhood” again. I say to him “Do something good for your community” and make plans for us to volunteer. He doesn’t want to work for free. I gather things up to give to charity. He wants to sell it. I do it anyway– for him. But it doesn’t matter, because he won’t do the good for himself.

He doesn’t get it. Most people don’t. But the universe will make right what he’s wronged. And he will eventually be forced to learn his lesson13. And I’m struggling to keep up good spirits and not allow myself to become angry, bitter and vengeful because we’ve been through too much14. I want us to do well and get over this. It’s been so very tiresome. I’m ready to move on.

Recently I had an opportunity to get a job with a local publisher. Well, not really local, but within 20 miles. I would have to drive to work every day, but would get decent pay and benefits. I missed that opportunity because TheMan was worried he wouldn’t be able to get to this new job he was hoping to get. I agreed to wait and see– even though this job would have been perfect for me and great experience toward my degree. Then his job didn’t materialize and mine went to someone else. I’m a little bit angry about that. How much sacrificing am I supposed to do here? By giving up that job, did I help repay his Karmic debt at all?

I do think I got a slight reward for my sacrifice, but that’s a more personal thing I don’t really want to get into here. I just hope my “luck” isn’t running out and that TheMan starts thinking less of himself and more of his impact on the lives around him.

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  1. Plenty of “bad” has happened to me, by the way. []
  2. Death does not equal “bad” either, by the way. It’s a natural part of the life cycle. []
  3. Directly affected by your life’s events. []
  4. What? You didn’t know I’m a believer in reincarnation? []
  5. This requires more explaining and I’m not going there with this post. []
  6. What is the reason, then? []
  7. Aren’t you curious what it is? []
  8. I wish I had better names for this stuff. []
  9. Except when they say stuff like “Karma’s a bitch!” []
  10. Or who he did, as the case may be. []
  11. There was none, but the test would have had to be done, right? []
  12. Finances are the most important thing to him. []
  13. Another part that I’m not explaining here. []
  14. Yes, including counseling. Just an FYI []

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Dancing Naked or Something

Guess what? I just read something on the intertubes that pissed me off. Surprised, aren’t you? Here’s the money quote:

There are a ton of family-oriented, religious and conservative people in the network[…] I try really hard to be open minded about things such as gay marriage and sexual freedoms but draw the line at exploiting women and children[…]1

Based on the context of the quote (about ads running on blogs and whether bloggers can reject or accept them) I’m inclined to believe that the author here is saying that the family-oriented, religious and conservative bloggers are one in the same and that special consideration should be taken for them because they are somehow good. I take that to mean non-conservative and/or religious2 bloggers aren’t really “family-oriented”? Ok, maybe the author didn’t mean that and, with that in mind, this post is in no way directed at the person saying that nonsense. However, I see this kind of wording a lot. The “good” people are the “religious” and “conservative” ones and the ne’er-do-wells are the other side of the coin– you know, people like atheists, pagans3 and liberals. None of us can possibly be “family-oriented” apparently, according to those who are ideologically opposed to us.

And how does one equate gay marriage with exploiting women and children? Does my belief that gay adults who love each other be allowed to legally marry somehow bode ill for my fellow women and their offspring? What the fuck am I missing there?

I’ll tell you what I’m missing. I’m missing the fact that I am a good mother and that I do care about women and children. Not only those in my own family, but those in the house next door to me and across the street. I care if they have enough food in their cupboards or means to get decent health care. I care enough about the people in my hood that I will fight for them to get their basic fucking needs met while I’m busy taking care of my own family.

I care that people who have been together for 50 years and were finally allowed to marry found their union annulled because a bunch of bigots spent a lot of money to make people think somehow gay people were going to contaminate the drinking water with all their gay love. I care that grown people who’s private lives don’t affect mine negatively were once again denied the right to the same fucking legal protections my own marriage affords me. Why? Because OMG marriage is sacred.

Tell that to the two idiot fucking heterosexuals who almost destroyed my marriage and my family. They weren’t negatively influenced by the homosexual love. No, they were just letting their heterosexual hormones ruin all our lives. Where were all these “religious” and “conservative, family-oriented” people then? Oh, that’s right. It’s only sacred when people are trying it and those people give us the heebie-jeebies. The icky people are destroying the fabric of America, and if your heterosexual marriage is struggling… well, you suck as a wife and probably should learn to give better blow jobs4.

I’m a flaming liberal and am damned proud of it. I’m also proud of the fact that I’m a damned good mother who has instilled a strong sense of community and compassion into my children. My girls are smart and gifted and care about the world around them. They know– because their heathen mother taught them — that they don’t live in a vacuum and their success is directly related to the success of their neighbors. Why? Because we can’t do it alone and when one of us fails we all fail. Give one person (corporation) too much power and that person (corporation) will destroy us with greed.

How is it that liberals, gblt, and a/non-religious folk can’t be good and “family-oriented”? I look at my children and see love, compassion, goodness and am proud that they are that way. When my daughter gets pissed because some idiot kids are harassing an immigrant and stands up for that child, I feel pride. When my youngest daughter sees another child sitting away from the group and makes an effort to include that child, I feel pride. My children give to charity and worry about recycling. They are good citizens of this earth.

I get up in the morning with my children and make breakfast. I talk to them, worry about them, wash their clothes, but mostly just spend time with them. I am (mostly) patient and instructive and free with the hugs and kisses. Occasionally I utter a profanity, usually because I’m overdoing something or feeling a bit passionate about something. Sometimes I find some time for myself and write in my anonymous, personal blog about something that gets my goat. But then I’m back in the fold of my family5 and doing “family-oriented” stuff.

I find it personally offensive that there are so many people that proclaim that liberals and glbt folk can’t possibly be family-oriented, especially when there are so many who proclaim they are but then would deny healthcare and parents6 to children less fortunate than theirs. I find it contemptible that the only kind of “good” people are the “religious” kind when I know so many people who have no religion but who do whatever they can to help the world around them7.

But wait! It’s the liberals and glbts that have the porn sites and who run ads full of frontal nudity and things that children shouldn’t be allowed to look on, is it? Good “family-oriented, religious, conservative” people don’t engage in that kind of thing and are mindful always to keep the obscenity off their sites and away from the world. Bullshit. Bullshit. The biggest censors are the biggest fucking hypocrites and if you looked into their backgrounds, they are only “family-oriented” when in public. When in private they are deviants of the worst sort. They molest children, steal millions of dollars from retirees and exploit the poorest of the poor. Don’t worry, though, they tithe plenty to their mega-church.

Speaking of exploitation: point to me where the glbt community– and their supporters– are exploiting women and children. Where do you see children and their mothers in chains, working for pennies, shaking their asses suggestively in support of equal marriage rights? I want to see real examples of real exploitation, because I’ve never seen it from the gay marriage movement. But the two issues are co-mingled here? Why?

My child was recently “exploited” by a damned candy manufacturer and her preschool8. They sent my beautiful, blue-eyed 4 year-old home with an order form so that she could sell some over-priced, horrible-tasting candy for a “fund raiser”. Of course, the candy company and the school know that my daughter will work hard to sell that awful stuff and that her family will buy it from her. Why? Because she’s our angel and she’s damned cute. Exploitation. Of course, it’s not the kind we’re fighting on a global scale– like in India where young girls routinely go missing because they’re abducted into the sex industry and sold to rich old men from the States9 — but it’s still exploitative. Did we buy that 8 oz of disgusting, chocolate-covered nuts for $15? Of course we did– from a “religious” organization. Who was doing the exploiting there?

Ok, ignore my example above. But answer me how the glbt community is exploiting women and children. Please. Because, really, the tying together of those two issues is idiotic.

I’m losing my train of thought here, but only because I’m trying to imagine how it’s possible for someone not to care about their own family when they care so much about everyone else’s. My proud liberal heart just wants to see equal rights protection regardless of sexual orientation, children who don’t go without health care/food/housing, and women who don’t have to see their children suffer because of economic uncertainty. Shit, if that doesn’t make me “family-oriented” then fuck it. I don’t want to be.

Oh, and a disclaimer:
I have never claimed that Fabulously Jinxed was family friendly. In fact, any amount of reading will lead you to see that children who are of reading age should not be reading my blog. This entire blog is, in fact, Not Safe for Kids. And, no, my own children don’t read it because mama gets to have her own safe place too.

Also, I’ll add linkage later (to a couple of things)– if I get around to it. Seems I’m a little busy these days forgetting I have a family. Feel free to add some linkage of your own in the comments if it’s pertinent to the post and adds value to your argument (or mine, if that’s the case).

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  1. The gist of the conversation isn’t important here. []
  2. Which religion? []
  3. Non-Christian?? []
  4. Said by family-oriented, religious, conservative women []
  5. In which I’d been full time, as a stay-at-home liberal mother until very recently. []
  6. In the way of gay adoption. []
  7. Charity– a Christian value, yes? []
  8. She goes to a Christian preschool, by the way, because it’s the best in the area where I live. []
  9. No doubt good “conservative” men []

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The Little Storm That Could

It was a dark and stormy night. The remnants of Hurricane Ike were blowing hither and fro- even the little birdies couldn’t stay perched in their trees. Whoosh! Bam! Zoom! It was a sight to behold. But there was work to be done and assignments were due. I retired to my computer room to embark on the journey to an “A”.

Then the children called me to the porch. I saved my work and joined them to witness the amazing force of Ike’s baby winds. We were all duly impressed as we’d never before been visited by a hurricane in BFE, OH. That’s when it happened. The ever-present hum of electricity stopped dead. The power was out.


That was Sunday night about 6:15pm. I cursed and hollered but was sure the power would soon be restored. I was wrong. Sunday night rolled in and we busted out the candles and oil lamps. Then Monday morning rolled around and we went to find bags of ice (and coffee). Then we headed out to lunch. I had until midnight to finish my project and was sure I had plenty of time. The power would be turned on soon.

We turned the radio on to hear how bad the damage was. Trees were literally uprooted and had landed on houses. One poor guy was driving under a tree when it decided to keel over- right on top of his brand new car. 300,000 AEP customers were shit out of luck. Estimated time to get the lights back on: 7 days.

Holy shitballs!

I high tailed it to the library and emailed my professor. I couldn’t even borrow a laptop because most people don’t have Visual Studio installed. And I couldn’t get to the school quite yet because, well, my kids needed me. Didn’t she understand? Could I please have an extension? “Sure”, she wrote back, “You have until Wednesday.” Fuck! I didn’t even know if the power would be back on by then.

That night we played games that I imagine the Amish play. I told long, drawn out stories that didn’t have any real end. The kids fell asleep and I sat on the porch willing the power company to get to my house RIGHT NOW. It didn’t work. We were screwed. Thank the heavens for the lamps.

The next day we all got up and went for breakfast. Every school in the county was closed. The country kids couldn’t get to school because of fallen trees and wires. Apparently this was the worst storm in AEP history (I have no idea how long that is). Still they were saying “7 days”. Dur. It was already almost 2. What the hell? I went to school for my morning class but didn’t actually go to class. Screw that guy. He gets on my damned nerves anyway. I found an open computer and attempted to do my project. I only had until noon. Sadly, I didn’t get very far and had to give up.

That night I went to Millie’s to do some laundry (she had power on Monday). Lil’lady and I were like fiends getting a fix while we watched television. It was a truly pathetic sight to behold. When we went home I was happily surprised to see the left side of my street alight. Whoo-hoo! The nightmare was over1. My excitement was quickly dampened when I looked at the door bell. There was no light. We had no power.

When I went inside I fumbled around for some light and was cursing the neighbors. A few houses up, on my side of the street, a street light mocked me with it’s brightness. I contemplated making a sling shot and shooting it out. It was so unfair! My next thought was to go invite myself to the neighbor’s house. I don’t know them, they don’t know me, but dammit we were in a crisis situation! I decided against the violence and intrusion and went up to bed. Some more stories and a sleeping pill made all right with us. I was convinced Wednesday morning would be like Christmas and I would wake to glorious electricity running through my house.

I was wrong. We went to breakfast again and then back home2. We found things to do together, things that no family should have to endure. “My Little Pony Memory” and “Trivia Pursuit”. And who really wants to sit in the back yard and draw pictures? We’re not barbarians, dammit! We actually had conversations and shared thoughts. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced. Where was my beloved Twitter?

As suddenly as it happened, it was over. At 1:56pm the lights came back on. The kids cheered and I wept with joy. We were saved! It was a beautiful thing. I spent a few minutes hugging the television and then decided it was time to attempt that damned project. I only wanted to catch up on the politics and my soaps! The cruelty!

I was going between reading blogs and doing actual work when it was time for math class. I was able to go in a good mood, so my mind was able to process the numbers and equations. I was once again able to lose myself in looking at my prof’s…numbers. My world was right again.

When I got home that night I went back to working on my project. Millie had taken Lil’lady, so I was able to stick my ear buds in and lose myself in my mp3 player. I was typing merrily along- with only the occasional banging of the head against the desk – when the lights started to flicker. Double fuck! Lil’ Miss ran in and asked me what was happening. Were aliens descending? No, it was happening again. We were being thrown back into the dark ages.

The lights went off. We were resigned to more days of bleak darkness and gathered up the lamps and candles. We got comfortable for another night of closeness as I silently cursed AEP and whichever Republican was responsible for Ike. Lil’ Miss shared that she was able to finish a whole book. I wondered aloud if I still had the ability to process more than 140 characters at a time. And then- just like that!- our lights came back.

And the sharing was over. Thank the gods we had our technology again and could go back to allowing our brains to slowly rot in our skulls.


I turned in my project on time, but the bitch still docked me points. WTF?

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Palin the Monster

I dislike Gov. Sarah Palin as a champion of the wimmen for a number of reasons. If you’ve ever read anything I’ve written, you can pretty much guess what they are. Until today I can’t say that I really abhorred McCain’s pick, because, duh, I’m voting Democratic no matter what (8 more years? Puh-lease). Today that sentiment changed.

She is a monster. A pathetic excuse for a human being. There is no place in our federal government for anyone like her. She deserves to be driven back to Alaskan by ridicule and national disdain.

A little more background: I believe in the inherent right for all animals to live (this does not contradict my pro-women’s health stance) or, if not live, to die humanely as necessary (food, protection, etc.). You could say that I prefer animals to people- and it’s true. I believe that humans are duty bound to share the earth with other species of animals. This is a deeply spiritual belief that I honor to the point where spiders/creepy crawlies are caught and released outdoors if seen in our house and rabbits are happily nesting in my garden with no interference from us. Another time we stopped in the middle of a drive so we could pick a turtle up and move it to the side. If I can avoid senseless killing I will.

On that note, I am not opposed to hunting- so long as it’s done in a humane, relatively fair way and for honorable purposes (food, clothing, protection). I believe that we are all here (animals and humans) to benefit each other. Hunters who kill just for the sake of killing make my stomach turn.

Sarah Palin is one of those people.

If you, like me, are an animal lover then you should be warned that the following video will repulse you. If you are extra sensitive, you will either rage or cry at the images you see. It is probably not good for sensitive children. I was blissfully ignorant of what the air-assault on wolves and other wild animals actually meant- until today. You are warned that this video is powerful and likely to evoke some kind of strong emotion. If you feel as I do about this barbaric practice, please pass it on.

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Constitution tries so hard to protect the Buddhist kid. By Dahlia�Lithwick

Bible Belt Upside the Head – Why the Constitution tries so hard to protect the Buddhist kid. By Dahlia�Lithwick

This is the kind of thing that really gets me going . I hate that religion has anything at all to do with public schooling. And, of course, if anyone objects then it comes down to persecuting Christians.

This is where the “How would you like it if…?” argument comes in. But it never works. Those that would do this don’t think that anyone could not want to learn about Christianity. They can’t wrap their heads around the fact that Jesus doesn’t pay a part in a lot of people’s lives. They’re in luck right now. They have the right president in office for their cry-baby bullying.

But what about the ever-growing number of non-Christian students that miss out on their education while these other kids trek down to learn about Noah and his ark? Why doesn’t occur to anyone that kids want to fit, so separating a few from the class is going to make them stand out. Maybe this is what they want. They want these kids to feel so bad about being left behind that they’ll want to go to bible school and maybe even convert. What a way to win souls.

I don’t have a problem with letting children experience religion from whatever age. My eldest daughter has been to pretty much every Christian church or temple imaginable. Then she has me for a mother–a bonafide hell-bound Pagan. But she has learned that whatever religion a person follow doesn’t matter. A lot of kids her age will judge people for being odd, but my daughter doesn’t see religion as the end all of all end alls. Sure it’s a part of a person. But there are many parts of a person.

But I don’t want her education being interrupted anymore than it already is. She’s got enough to worry about with her friends, grades, and..gulp…boys. God-or gods-are for another time. A more appropriate and private time. And no kid should have to feel differently right from the get-go

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Coming Back

So, I mentioned that I believe in reincarnation, right? The purpose, I believe, of reincarnation is to allow our souls to become knowledgeable and flourish, to become one with the Gods. Of course, one’s soul is born ignorant and must learn through many lives and their trials. It’s like following a trail without a map and you must learn which way gets you ahead and which ones put you back. Well, I’m not really trying to educate anyone here. I’m just spouting my own beliefs and I don’t have to convince myself why I believe them.

Here’s the thing. I’ve been looking at babies a lot lately (especially my own). I notice a lot of differences in the way babies look at people. Some babies seem to have a really clueless look on their face, so happy and uninformed, their souls just starting out (I’m thinking…). Anyway, then there are those babies that look at you with such old eyes. It’s uncanny. My very own baby had old eyes. When she looks at me it’s almost like she knows what I’m thinking. Like she’s telling me that she’s not as stupid as everyone thinks she is, she just can’t express herself because she’s in a new body. My husbands cousin had eyes like that when he was a baby. You could see it in the pictures. I think he’s about 8 now and he still looks like he knows a lot. However, I believe that babies are more knowledgeable about their own souls because they have all the memories of their past lives. I think they lose that over time because they learn that kind of stuff just isn’t normal. So they suppress it. I see that kind of thing in my baby. I’m tempted to say that it scares me, but it doesn’t. I’m very curious about it. If I raised her with my spiritual beliefs would she then be able to become psychic? Would she be more intelligent? More special? If she used what she already has and doesn’t learn to push it away and think of herself as abnormal will that make her better?

Of course, I have no idea what I’m talking about. That’s why I usually just spout nonsense. But today I was looking at my baby’s eyes and they just seemed so old. Like she’d lived a long time. I wonder what lifetime she’s in and what lessons she’s got to learn to move on. I wonder that about both of my girls. My son spent all of 36 minutes visiting this lifetime. He’s moved on. I think his life was more of a lesson for me and my husband than for himself. And then our daughter arrived 10 months and 3 weeks later…. I think that somehow I’m more blessed than I thought when she was born. I think that I really have a special little girl. I hope she passes this test with flying colors.

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Why I’m awake

Ok, here I am again. I should be sleeping, but I’m trying to get Baby to sleep by herself, therefore depriving myself. Not loving it.
So, I consider myself to be a non-traditional (meaning: not following a tradition) eclectic (meaning: variable belief system) Pagan (meaning: polytheistic, not following the mainstream path). I am not a devil worshipper. I don’t even believe in the devil. I believe that any punishment we receive from the Gods we receive while we’re here and then in the next life. But that discussion, I suppose, is for another day.

I have issues with some of my fellow Pagans. Please keep in mind that Paganism itself is not a religion. It’s a term that encompasses a number of religions, traditions, and spiritual paths. Belief is multible Gods and Goddesses is the number one criteria for a Pagan. Though some Pagans only worship two (The God and The Goddess), most of us believe in a host of Gods. Ok, that’s explained. My main issue is the way Pagans are arguing over how to define themselves. You’d think they’d unite if only to give themselves definition. But nooooo! Oh, the frustration!
I look for fellow Pagans online because the area where I live is very…..conservative. If there are any other Pagans here then they are firmly in the broom closet. So, I want to commune with those that believe as I do. But those that I find are often times worse than the ultra-conservative Christian boards that I hide from. I find that to be very irritating, especially since what I believe doesn’t fall into any one catagory (eclectic). They debate everything from why to hate Christians to what a certain holiday should mean.

One thing that really annoys me is “UPG”. I’ve seen that a lot lately. It means “unproven/unverifiable personal gnosis”. They use this to tell you that they think that you don’t know what you’re talking about. If what you believe (to some, not all) is not in some ancient text book or taught in a mythology class then they label it UPG. I am of the opinion that all gnosis is “personal” and pretty much “unproven/unverified”. Just because the ancient Egyptians wrote hieroglyphs about a certain deity doesn’t make that deity real. But not seeing something in (some sort of) print doesn’t make a personal gnosis not true, either. One can neither prove nor disprove anyone’s religious beliefs, in my opinion.

Well, ok, if they believe that their dog, Fido, is a flying pig and grants wishes, then I guess that can be disproven. But you get my point. As Pagans we are not supposed to judge another’s religion as wrong or right. And yet we judge each other all of the time. Just because I don’t have a degree in anthropolgy or mythology doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in my Gods. Just because my beliefs run the gamut doesn’t mean that I’m a “cafeteria” Pagan. Some of us believe because we were called and there was no ignoring that call. And others, in my opinion, just study the old religions to get under others skin. Pagan or not it makes not difference to them.
I especially hate that they bash Christians so much. Yes, it’s true, a lot of Christians are very judgemental and don’t want to learn what we’re about. But most Christians don’t care. They figure their God will sort us to the appropriate place in Hell and all they have to worry about is themselves. More power to them, I say.

Pagans for some reason hate the idea of organizing. And they’re a rebellious lot, anyway. So that makes us hard on ourselves. No one else has to persecute us. We do a good enough job. I don’t think that I’d call myself a Pagan if I had any other options. But my beliefs are deep and strong. Even if my knowledge of the history of the world is weak. I was called by my Goddess and I do what I can to honor her. I just don’t do it in a way that other Pagans find “pagan”. There are others like me, unfortunately. Maybe we should unite and give ourselves a different kind of name.
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