I am happy to announce that I got a real world/ brick-and-mortar job. The piddly stuff I was doing before didn’t bring in any money and, shoot, I can’t really concentrate on writing anyway. I am so broke it isn’t even funny and I’ve been really worried about Christmas coming up. This job isn’t going to have me raking in the dough here, but it definitely eases my mind to a certain extent.

I’ve been out putting in resumes and applications since a couple days after he left. No one’s called me back and those that I called weren’t hiring (though they had “we’re hiring” notices, for some reason). I’m pretty sure it was because I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 4 years. Everyone oohs and ahs when they find out you’re sacrificing for your kid, but then they think you don’t know how to work when you try to get back into the daily grind.

At any rate, I went to my old place of employment. This was where I was working as a server when I was pregnant with my son. I couldn’t go back there after I found out the baby was going to die because I was losing my mind and there was no way I could smile and be pleasant. One of the supervisor’s at the time shared with me that her baby daughter died, so we kind of bonded over that. It was a really sad circumstance. Still, there was something good come out of it (as we say here in hillbilly country).

I walked in there yesterday and found out this lady is now the hiring manager. I sat down and talked to her about everything TheMan did and then quite literally begged for my old job back. I said “Please, I’m begging you, I just really need this job.”

She said they have a lot of servers already, but she was going to see what she could do for me. She went into the back and came back out a few minutes later.

“Be here at 9am Nov.16 for orientation.”

I was thrilled. I’m such a fucking sap that I jumped up and hugged her and then, gods help me, I started crying. I don’t want to get into my emotional state of mind (the haters would love that, wouldn’t they?) but I was just overcome. I felt like such a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulders. I will be eternally grateful to her for doing this for me. Really. She will be blessed with the best Karma ever. She’s awesome.

You know, I’m pretty damned lucky. I’ve got my friends that I’ve met through blogging (which are the best friends ever, even though I suck at visiting their blogs) and I’ve got other people that I haven’t seen in a long time that are still willing to help me out. That really lifts me up. One of these days I’m going to win the lottery and all of us are going on vacation somewhere not too hot and not too cold. Really.

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Dear People

I’ve been really busy with my real life stuff- you know, family, learning, family, GOING CRAZY. But I’ve occassionally been able to hit up Twitter (I’m always looking at it when I’m online for class. This is why I suck.). I noticed a couple of different people say that they’re trying to avoid politics on their own blogs, but that they’ve got plenty to say.

So, I am once again opening an invitation for guest bloggers. If you would love to blog about politics, but not on your own damned blog, send me a Tweet or contact me some other way. There are a couple of things to keep in mind though-

ONE: This is a liberal blog and liberal/progressive/moderate politics only. Sorry, conservatives. I have to have a line.

TWO: No outing of other bloggers.

THREE: No hating on me. Dur.

FOUR: I prefer bloggers with whom I am familiar.

FIVE: Unless you’re a super special good friend o’ mine, I ask that you keep your initial post in draft form- just so I can check it out. I don’t have a good rep, but I do think of my readers (usually).

Ok, so let me know if you’re interested and I’ll hook you up with an executive account.


You can link to yourself in the post. I’m all about the link appreciation (I hate “link love”).

I like geeky stuff, politics, squirrels and monkeys.

Look What I Missed

I’ve sucked lately. No, not TheMan. I’ve just had some stuff that I was dealing with and have lost my way. Well, not really lost. I’ve just not really felt the desire to post or comment. Because…

First, I need to let those who don’t read me (usually) know that I get all over the blogosphere. I do the political thing, I do the SEO thing (I read the stupid drama there, because Mwahahaha!!), the personal thing and the EC thing. It’s all good fare for moi.

Anyway, I got back into action and HOLY SHITBALLS™1! There’s a lot of flippin’ drama going on. Now, if you know me, you know I love the drama. Usually I just read it and laugh my not-so-petite ass off. I will readily admit that I have no life and so the drama amuses me. Now, if I think that a blogfriend is being effected by said drama, I will happily jump my ass into it- even if it doesn’t involve me. Why? Did you miss the part about me not having a life?

Dramatic Internet Happening #1

Anyway, for some reason2 I decided to visit some old haunts today. These old haunts are places that a certain off-the-grid friend and I used to go to point and laugh. I guess I just missed to good ol’ days. So, there I was reading snide innuendos and wondering what the fuck people are talking about. Of course, I have to do some investigating. Dur3. Seems I’ve been missing a lot of good shit.

Some dude (some of you know who) met some chick via the blogodrama. Dude was married to another woman. Dude met chick at a blog meetup. Dude and chick fell “madly” in love. Dude left wife to go live with chick in another state. Dude and chick broadcast their love affair on their blogs4 and all their blog buds are all happy for them. Anyway, Dude and chick are lovey-dovey in their new home they just bought in this other state. On the 10th Dude and chick decide to go back to Dude’s home state to take care of business. On the 11th Dude announces on his blog that he and his wife are back together and he’s taking a break. Chick makes no such announcement on her blog. There is no further explanation.

Shit fire, their blog friends are going nuts! One side is all “I’m on your side as long as your happy”…blah blah blah. The other side is “You dick! How could you do that to us?” And me? I’m like “That’s some soap opera shit right there.” At any rate, some of the friends apparently think they deserve an explanation. The other friends think this guy should do whatever he wants. Not a whole lot of them think about what Mrs. Dude is going through, of course. I’m thinking she should just kick his ass out and let the vultures have him. But then, I’m one of those kinds of people that doesn’t broadcast every little detail of my life for the entire Intertubes to see. That’s just me though. What do I know?

I don’t have an opinion one way or the other about this affair. I don’t know what’s going on in Dude’s marriage. I think, though, that he was a stupid motherfucker for making the entire thing public. I think his wife deserved better than to have to read how he and Chick were fucking and doing whatever. I think that if he was going to do this, then some fucking TACT would have been in order. But… that’s just me. Who am I?

During those travels, I also reinforced my belief to stay pseudonymous. Seems that a somewhat popular blogger (if you don’t have at least 150 comments or a pr of 7 then you’re only “somewhat” popular, ok?) likes to out people he doesn’t agree with. Seems this dude will befriend people and then POOF! just like that he announces to the world who they are. That’s fucked up shit right there. And anyone that does that should be mocked.5

Just my opinion, of course.6

Dramatic Internet Happening #2

Seems there was some “censorship” in the EC forums. Apparently some dude (Scratchin’ Sniff?) didn’t like the EC powerdroppers7 so he made a post. Powerdroppers told him something he didn’t like. So then the Admins made a forum just for people to use for bitching (or whatever). You can read the details here. I think. Anyway

Seems that a moderator went through and deleted and/or modified existing posts. I said in a comment over there that I don’t believe that’s it’s complete censorship, because real censorship is not being able to voice your opinion anywhere and I truly believe that. However, when the moderator (Lee Doyle, apparently) modified comments, I decided that he’s as fucked up as a certain raving lunatic that I know who also modifies comments (on his blog, though, not in forums). I also think it’s fucked up that apparently Graham agrees with what he did.

Look, I believe that a private forum (and EC forums is private) should have a ToS8 and that everyone participating in that forum should abide by the ToS. However, the forums should have an OBVIOUS ToS that the members to follow. When there are rules established, in writing or because of previous understanding, then the mods are expected to enforce them. The ToS NEEDS to be understood from the get. When rules are established after the fact, then shit will probably fucking hit the fan.

In this case, the rules changed mid-stream and the shit hit the fan, which resulted in some very popular members being “suspended”. That’s just wrong on so many levels. It’s wrong because the members were following the already established rules, bending over backwards to follow the new rules, and having to shut the fuck up while the PowerMad Mod went nuts. Of course, that mod is now on a “break’ but still…

Of course, I had to weigh in. Hello! I’m one of those ranting “YOU GO” girls (happily named by a certain Sam dude). I don’t so mind rules. I’ll follow them happily. I fucking hate when people edit and/or delete opinions that don’t sit well with them. That’s cowardly pissant shit.

Just my opinion, of course.

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  5. I also learned who Sassy Sadie and Vicious Vikki are. []
  6. URLs available to trusted peeps upon request []
  7. Who really cares how people drop cards? I certainly don’t. []
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