Dear Subscribers

I’m working on restoring my archives today1 so you may get a few posts in your email. Please do not be alarmed. I’m trying to do it on another installation and just exporting all of them here as I go, but it may not work that way. There’s a lot of posts I still haven’t … Read More

For my subscribers

Update below: So, I just noticed how many email subscribers I have. I don’t know who you are, but thanks. Also, say hi. Don’t be shy. I’m only a little bit mean. I’ll be putting more posts up from my old database soon. You’ll be getting alerts for that soon enough. Some of those posts … Read More

Yes, I am Selfish

I have a health insurance story too. Don’t we all? Mine isn’t as dramatic as some who have been denied needed supplies, such as testing strips for diabetes, or important tests, such as those for a suspected heart problem, but it’s my story and that makes it important—at least to me. My regular readers know … Read More


I thought I better take a quick minute to update on my status. Just in case anyone still cares. I’m currently working another part-time job, along with my other one (two if you count the other shit I do to make money). That doesn’t leave me much energy or inspiration to blog or be social … Read More

Wherein I Hate on Wal-Mart Again

I was going to write about a post I saw recently that started an uproar in the “mommyblogger” community. I was going to write how I can’t stand the term “mommyblogger” and why—including the evolution of the term as I’ve seen it happen online. And I was going to explain that I’m against telling anyone … Read More

Very Quickly

Recent there was a brush up at EC1, a site of which I’ve previously been very supportive2. They changed some things as they are wont to do– throw it up and hope for the best (or worst at the case may be). People throw fits, Graham throws fits, people leave, Graham tells them to kiss … Read More