Baby’s mama drama

I have never had to deal with side chicks so much in my life as I have in the last year. First it was TheMan and his Pokémon then MyDude and his baby’s mom and now…. another baby’s mom.

These last 2 refuse to let their children’s fathers see their child unless the father is in a romantic relationship with them. If not in a relationship with them then GOD FORBID he be in a new (definitely better) relationship.

I don’t understand that mindset. My mother did that with us – though not with our father. She was more along the lines of no family members were allowed to see us when she was in a mood. She didn’t speak to my aunt for 2 years because my aunt took us after our mother attempted suicide in front of us. Maybe if we’d have had access to more normal family… But that’s not how that worked out.

We were hurt by my mother’s selfishness. None of us are ok. Granted, I never needed to be around my father, but what about a grandmother? Imagine if a father actually wants to see his child and said child’s mother decided “Nope. If I can’t have you then you can’t see your kid.” Welp, imagine no further.

I’m exhausted from all of this nonsense. I’m exhausted from being the “bigger person”. I’m exhausted from my life being interrupted to deal with women who aren’t happy unless they have all the toys. When can I let the bitch out?

Of course, the babies’ mamas use me against the fathers, so I’m to shut my face if I want him to see his child. I’m to accept continuously bloody shins or I just don’t care. Can’t I see how much damage I’m doing?

There’s rarely a court order in this scenario and there’s not one now. “Go assert your rights “, I say “go to court.” That’s absurd, though. So much easier for me to shut up and pretend I’m not in any way involved. It hurts me,.of course, but ultimately it’s the kids who are hurt. It’s not just a quaint expression. I’m proof.

I had this elsewhere, but thought I could flesh it out more on here. Or at least make sense about it in my head. The only thing that makes sense at the end of this is why I can’t stand this shit.

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