A short: Garden of Ashes and Rock

Is this younger generation so callous that you just say ‘I love you’ with such abandon? Have you no point of reference? Have you even felt that chest-gripping, intoxicating, beautiful thing that is falling in love? Can you describe it? Has it ever taken you to the moon and back? Did you pray to the gods for this magnificent gift? Has your breath caught at the very thought of someone else? When your mind drifts to their lips, do the butterflies begin to flutter?

There is nothing so awesome of that first realization of love. The air smells cleaner. The sky is the clearest blue. The birds sing in harmony. It is so much more beautiful when the object of that love feels the same way about you.

Have you ever felt that feeling, that confidence, only to learn that the love you feel is one-sided? All those words, all that sharing, all the bonding… all of it an illusion? Who can do that to another person? Who can so righteously cause that amount of pain? This lie leads to that lie to that lie to the nightmare you gaze upon today. Eventually the realization sets in that this was worse than a game. This was you being of no greater use than a hammer to a nail. You are defeated. The wound left behind will never fully heal. The hole will never be gone. New doubt has been born and that is what will flourish in this garden of ashes and rock.


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