Via the NYT I learn today that same-sex married couples can stay married in Massachussetts.

Published: June 15, 2007

BOSTON, June 14 — Same-sex marriage will continue to be legal in Massachusetts, after proponents in both houses won a pitched months-long battle on Thursday to defeat a proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

“In Massachusetts today, the freedom to marry is secure,” Gov. Deval Patrick said after the legislature voted 151 to 45 against the amendment, which needed 50 favorable votes to come before voters in a referendum in November 2008.

Can they come to Ohio now and reverse our new amendment? Because, yeah, it sucks. At any rate, I love that quote from Gov. Patrick. “[T]he freedom to marry is secure” because gays and lesbians are not considered second class citizens in Massachusetts. Separate but equal didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now.

So how did the Dems in MA pull it off?

As late as a couple of hours before the 1 p.m. vote on Thursday, advocates on both sides of the issue said they were not sure of the outcome. The eleventh-hour decisions of several legislators to vote against the amendment followed intensive lobbying by the leaders of the House and Senate and Governor Patrick, who, like most members of the legislature, is a Democrat.

“I think I am going to be doing a certain number of fund-raisers for districts, and I am happy to do that,” said Mr. Patrick, who said he had tried to persuade lawmakers not only that same-sex marriage should be allowed but also that a 2008 referendum would be divisive and distract from other important state issues.

You mean that Democratic leaders took the bull by the horns and did whatever it took to get the votes they needed? Is that even possible? Is there a handbook for Massachusetts Democrats and can we send it to Washington so those idiots can learn a thing or two about listening to their base?

Senator Gale D. Candaras, a Democrat, voted against the amendment Thursday, although she had supported it as a state representative in January. Ms. Candaras said her vote reflected constituent views in her larger, more progressive Senate district and her fear of a vicious referendum campaign.

You know, during 2006 there was a lot of money going to candidates from people not in their district and those candidates have largely failed. But I think, perhaps, that the Democrats in Massachusetts need some kind of prize for listening to the people for whom they work. They listened and they voted the right way. That almost gives me hope again.

But then Zack Space had me almost giddy with anticipation. Boy, was that ever a let down.

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