Wherein I Do Some Observing

He was an entirely new experience. In all these years I’ve never had the experience I’ve had at the end. Isn’t it the woman who is supposed to lose their mind? I know, that’s a moronic stereotype, but that’s the kind of conversation I had last night. “I don’t understand this. I need to understand.” … Read More

Yet Another Open Letter

Dear Sam, I’m going to assume you’re not the bumbling fucking fool you’re appearing to be right now. I’m going to assume you took someone’s lies as the truth and ran with whatever they said. I may be wrong, but I’m assuming that I wouldn’t fall in love with someone who would behave this way … Read More

Just Hanging Out, Thank You

I hung out with my friend again last night. We were at his other friend’s house smoking some weed and her son was home. At first we were having an interesting conversation. I may have gone off on a tangent about why it’s too late for these 2A’ers1 to stop the government from bringing their … Read More

Start There

“That’s all you ever think about. Can’t you get over it?” This is said to me by people who obviously don’t understand that I do not let them inside my head. I don’t let them see what scares the utter shit out of me. I don’t let them see what’s really and truly bothering me. … Read More

Meeting New People is Hard

So, I was hanging with my friend again, but this time we were at another friend’s house. Well, his friend’s house – not mine. I don’t recall ever meeting her. I must have though, because she’s lived here her entire life and used to hang with some of the same people I did. Of course, … Read More