This is Exhausting

I’ve neen reading a lot about Narcisstic Personality Disorder. Honestly reading about it and realizing that MyDude is a classic case. I mean, the idealization, the devaluation, the triangulation, the fucking discard1. Waking up to the fact that he did this to me on purpose. I knew he got some kind of sadistic pleasure out … Read More

Countdown to a New Life

My life is about ti change drastically. Again. This is what I’ve feared the most since TheMan and I split up. I’ll be moving to a bigger town. Lil’lady has already picked out the neighborhood. She’s excited. She’s never lived anywhere else and this is an adventure. I’m not exactly sharing in her joy. I’ve … Read More

Throw-Away Person

Years ago, my ex boyfriend had a pretty decent group of friends. And those friends, because of their respect for him were very protective of me. That has carried over all these years later. We don’t talk much, because I’m not part of that scene anymore. But when we do it’s fun. And they still … Read More