Very Quickly

Recent there was a brush up at EC1, a site of which I’ve previously been very supportive2. They changed some things as they are wont to do– throw it up and hope for the best (or worst at the case may be). People throw fits, Graham throws fits, people leave, Graham tells them to kiss his ass. Blah blah blah. Not very interesting.

Anyway, during this last thing, I was a little perturbed about how a certain member was treated in the forums, but at the time I was mostly disgusted by the idiocy coming from the admins. So, I said so and then promptly removed my widget (I think my userid was 1170 at the time). Pfft.

Someone decided that they would let me in on a secret. They asked not be outed and I’ll respect that, but they showed me that this particular EC member, who was yelling about being falsely accused, wasn’t really being falsely accused. I can’t say that this particular blogger did what they were accused of– because I don’t have access to their mindset and what’s happening in their behind-the-scenes — but someone showed me that it was offered up. Interesting, yes, a little. But damning? Not really.

I thought momentarily about busting it out in the forums. I even offered a weak apology on Twitter. But you know what? If that person didn’t want to disclose that they did (or didn’t) do a certain thing, then that’s their business. And the way they were outed was fucked up, irresponsible and unprofessional. So, I’m not offering up anything for anyone to use against anyone else– unless it’s for a worthy cause. This cause most certainly isn’t.

So, I just want to ask that if people are going to send me bits of info that might outrage me and cause me to act irrationally please don’t send me info about EC. I’m done with all that and don’t want involved. Well, the pointing and laughing is always fun, but since I found out he’s actively looking for bad publicity… more pfft. I’m not really sure why this information was passed along to me in the manner it was. I’m sure it has something to do with my being outspoken, but I’d like to not be the go-to gal for EC related drama and/or outings/pwnage. Not anymore at least.

Thanks for taking the time to read this crap. Thankfully it’s the last you’ll see for a while.

(P.S. No further questions will be answered regarding this issue. Don’t waste your breath asking. MEH.)

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And Now My Job

I was up in the air about whether I would discuss my workplace. I didn’t know if I wanted that much about me out there. Sure I discuss my kids every so often and I’ll throw in a post about school here and there, but usually I try to remain slightly mysterious. An enigma even. But when I go to work and observe what’s happening I think to myself “Holy shitballs!1There’s a lot of material here.” And there is a ridiculous amount. If only I could put into words…

First let me start by saying that I “wait” tables, but don’t call me a “waitress”. I’m a server. A cheap prostitute, if you will. I make nice with strangers for a few extra dollars in my pocket. Previous to Lil’lady that was my profession for about 13 years. Now I’m back at it. It’s actually what I’m good at and what I know how to do. The restaurant where I work is a decent place, but not because of the customers. They pretty much suck ass. My employer and his management staff are just top-notch people. They do a lot for our community in the way of giving back and treat most of the employees2 with the utmost dignity and respect. I actually like working there.

So, anyway, I’ve decided to regale you all with tales from behind-the-scenes and on the floor. People annoy the shit out of me and since I can’t tell them to shove it, I’ll just tell the stories. It’ll be downright therapeutic for me (and maybe make you wonder about your favorite eating establishment– which will make me laugh and giggle). You might think that this can’t be the least bit interesting considering my over-the-top rants about politics (which are fewer now because I recently overdosed on the subject and just can’t feel the passion right now), but you’ll soon come ’round to my way of thinking.

In our restaurant, which is pretty big, we have tables and booths. The difference between the two is the chairs at tables can be adjusted and booths are bolted to the floor. Most of our booths seat 4 + people (up to 8), but we do have a few 2 tops3. The 2 tops are incredibly small and really don’t hold much and the booths aren’t very wide. They’re good for single diners or a couple of kids eating just appetizers. Still, our hostesses will seat anyone there and then we, the servers, have to make sure they don’t have one thing sitting on their table that they’re not using4.

So, one day I’m in a section full of these 2top booths. The hostess seats me and I go greet my sorry couple. The lady was very large. She was literally stuffed into this booth– her butt was hanging off the edge of her seat and her boobs were sitting on to of the table. She didn’t look the slightest bit comfortable. She wasn’t very pleasant when I greeted them.

She grunted her order to me without so much as looking in my direction. When she ordered her steak I said “Medium is hot pink in the center, is that ok?” She whipped her head around and glared at me.

“Medium, medium, MEDIUM“, she growled, her face turning red (I’m not really sure if she could even breathe in that booth). It’s my job to help prevent recooks and one way I do that is to make sure everyone knows what at what temperature they’re ordering their meat. I explained that to her. She turned her head and looked away– refusing to speak to me further.

She was like that throughout her meal. When she wanted more tea, she wiggled her glass. When she wanted more bread, she practically threw the basket at me. Her husband was no help either. He just shrugged his shoulders at me and went about eating.

Then I saw her talking to a manager. What the hell was she going on about? I did everything right, made sure she was as comfortable as I could possibly make her without greasing her down with butter and somehow managed to not dump a gallon of tea on her head. I walked up to the table and asked what the problem was.

“It has nothing to do with you,” she hissed. So, I hunted down my manager to see what she was going on about.

“She’s pissed because she got sat at that booth,” he told me. “She doesn’t think that should even be allowed in the restaurant and she’s pissed because no one asked her if she wanted a table. She told me she couldn’t even enjoy her meal because she can’t even move in that booth.”

“Really? Why the hell didn’t she ask for a bigger table? What the fuck? She was pissy with me the whole time and it’s not even my fault.” I was almost mad. But then I laughed. I’m pretty sure if my boobs were sitting on top of the table and my ass was hanging over the side of my seat I would ask to be put somewhere else. Apparently, this woman wanted a psychic seater5 who would just assume she wouldn’t be offended if she was offered a bigger seat. We did have a good laugh at her pride and stupidity, though. And, no, she didn’t get a free meal.

So, because this woman was too proud to ask for something else when she eyeballed the table, she sat for a good hour stuffed into her seat, unable to enjoy her meal, and undoubtedly ended up some indigestion when she went home. And I got to be abused for an hour and ended up with a shitty tip.

Moral of the story: If you can’t fit in the table your hostess initially takes you to, ask for something else. You know if your ass and boobs will fit into that space. If you find yourself unable to breathe and properly digest your food, ask for a bigger table. Save yourself the humiliation of being stuffed in there to begin with. Otherwise you will be miserable and we will laugh at your expense (the price of pride and all that).

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  1. ”Holy Shitballs” being something I picked up from Schad and which most of my immediate coworkers have picked up from me. []
  2. Some employees are straight fuckwits and deserve much scorn and abuse. []
  3. Holds only two people. []
  4. Prebussing is a must! []
  5. Our seaters aren’t allowed to ask overweight guests if they’d like a bigger table because it might offend the guest. They are to assume they want to be treated like most thin people in their seating. []

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Dancing Naked or Something

Guess what? I just read something on the intertubes that pissed me off. Surprised, aren’t you? Here’s the money quote:

There are a ton of family-oriented, religious and conservative people in the network[…] I try really hard to be open minded about things such as gay marriage and sexual freedoms but draw the line at exploiting women and children[…]1

Based on the context of the quote (about ads running on blogs and whether bloggers can reject or accept them) I’m inclined to believe that the author here is saying that the family-oriented, religious and conservative bloggers are one in the same and that special consideration should be taken for them because they are somehow good. I take that to mean non-conservative and/or religious2 bloggers aren’t really “family-oriented”? Ok, maybe the author didn’t mean that and, with that in mind, this post is in no way directed at the person saying that nonsense. However, I see this kind of wording a lot. The “good” people are the “religious” and “conservative” ones and the ne’er-do-wells are the other side of the coin– you know, people like atheists, pagans3 and liberals. None of us can possibly be “family-oriented” apparently, according to those who are ideologically opposed to us.

And how does one equate gay marriage with exploiting women and children? Does my belief that gay adults who love each other be allowed to legally marry somehow bode ill for my fellow women and their offspring? What the fuck am I missing there?

I’ll tell you what I’m missing. I’m missing the fact that I am a good mother and that I do care about women and children. Not only those in my own family, but those in the house next door to me and across the street. I care if they have enough food in their cupboards or means to get decent health care. I care enough about the people in my hood that I will fight for them to get their basic fucking needs met while I’m busy taking care of my own family.

I care that people who have been together for 50 years and were finally allowed to marry found their union annulled because a bunch of bigots spent a lot of money to make people think somehow gay people were going to contaminate the drinking water with all their gay love. I care that grown people who’s private lives don’t affect mine negatively were once again denied the right to the same fucking legal protections my own marriage affords me. Why? Because OMG marriage is sacred.

Tell that to the two idiot fucking heterosexuals who almost destroyed my marriage and my family. They weren’t negatively influenced by the homosexual love. No, they were just letting their heterosexual hormones ruin all our lives. Where were all these “religious” and “conservative, family-oriented” people then? Oh, that’s right. It’s only sacred when people are trying it and those people give us the heebie-jeebies. The icky people are destroying the fabric of America, and if your heterosexual marriage is struggling… well, you suck as a wife and probably should learn to give better blow jobs4.

I’m a flaming liberal and am damned proud of it. I’m also proud of the fact that I’m a damned good mother who has instilled a strong sense of community and compassion into my children. My girls are smart and gifted and care about the world around them. They know– because their heathen mother taught them — that they don’t live in a vacuum and their success is directly related to the success of their neighbors. Why? Because we can’t do it alone and when one of us fails we all fail. Give one person (corporation) too much power and that person (corporation) will destroy us with greed.

How is it that liberals, gblt, and a/non-religious folk can’t be good and “family-oriented”? I look at my children and see love, compassion, goodness and am proud that they are that way. When my daughter gets pissed because some idiot kids are harassing an immigrant and stands up for that child, I feel pride. When my youngest daughter sees another child sitting away from the group and makes an effort to include that child, I feel pride. My children give to charity and worry about recycling. They are good citizens of this earth.

I get up in the morning with my children and make breakfast. I talk to them, worry about them, wash their clothes, but mostly just spend time with them. I am (mostly) patient and instructive and free with the hugs and kisses. Occasionally I utter a profanity, usually because I’m overdoing something or feeling a bit passionate about something. Sometimes I find some time for myself and write in my anonymous, personal blog about something that gets my goat. But then I’m back in the fold of my family5 and doing “family-oriented” stuff.

I find it personally offensive that there are so many people that proclaim that liberals and glbt folk can’t possibly be family-oriented, especially when there are so many who proclaim they are but then would deny healthcare and parents6 to children less fortunate than theirs. I find it contemptible that the only kind of “good” people are the “religious” kind when I know so many people who have no religion but who do whatever they can to help the world around them7.

But wait! It’s the liberals and glbts that have the porn sites and who run ads full of frontal nudity and things that children shouldn’t be allowed to look on, is it? Good “family-oriented, religious, conservative” people don’t engage in that kind of thing and are mindful always to keep the obscenity off their sites and away from the world. Bullshit. Bullshit. The biggest censors are the biggest fucking hypocrites and if you looked into their backgrounds, they are only “family-oriented” when in public. When in private they are deviants of the worst sort. They molest children, steal millions of dollars from retirees and exploit the poorest of the poor. Don’t worry, though, they tithe plenty to their mega-church.

Speaking of exploitation: point to me where the glbt community– and their supporters– are exploiting women and children. Where do you see children and their mothers in chains, working for pennies, shaking their asses suggestively in support of equal marriage rights? I want to see real examples of real exploitation, because I’ve never seen it from the gay marriage movement. But the two issues are co-mingled here? Why?

My child was recently “exploited” by a damned candy manufacturer and her preschool8. They sent my beautiful, blue-eyed 4 year-old home with an order form so that she could sell some over-priced, horrible-tasting candy for a “fund raiser”. Of course, the candy company and the school know that my daughter will work hard to sell that awful stuff and that her family will buy it from her. Why? Because she’s our angel and she’s damned cute. Exploitation. Of course, it’s not the kind we’re fighting on a global scale– like in India where young girls routinely go missing because they’re abducted into the sex industry and sold to rich old men from the States9 — but it’s still exploitative. Did we buy that 8 oz of disgusting, chocolate-covered nuts for $15? Of course we did– from a “religious” organization. Who was doing the exploiting there?

Ok, ignore my example above. But answer me how the glbt community is exploiting women and children. Please. Because, really, the tying together of those two issues is idiotic.

I’m losing my train of thought here, but only because I’m trying to imagine how it’s possible for someone not to care about their own family when they care so much about everyone else’s. My proud liberal heart just wants to see equal rights protection regardless of sexual orientation, children who don’t go without health care/food/housing, and women who don’t have to see their children suffer because of economic uncertainty. Shit, if that doesn’t make me “family-oriented” then fuck it. I don’t want to be.

Oh, and a disclaimer:
I have never claimed that Fabulously Jinxed was family friendly. In fact, any amount of reading will lead you to see that children who are of reading age should not be reading my blog. This entire blog is, in fact, Not Safe for Kids. And, no, my own children don’t read it because mama gets to have her own safe place too.

Also, I’ll add linkage later (to a couple of things)– if I get around to it. Seems I’m a little busy these days forgetting I have a family. Feel free to add some linkage of your own in the comments if it’s pertinent to the post and adds value to your argument (or mine, if that’s the case).

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  1. The gist of the conversation isn’t important here. []
  2. Which religion? []
  3. Non-Christian?? []
  4. Said by family-oriented, religious, conservative women []
  5. In which I’d been full time, as a stay-at-home liberal mother until very recently. []
  6. In the way of gay adoption. []
  7. Charity– a Christian value, yes? []
  8. She goes to a Christian preschool, by the way, because it’s the best in the area where I live. []
  9. No doubt good “conservative” men []

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Let Them Go, Please

It looks like Chuck Norris (yes, that Chuck Norris) and Glenn Beck1 are attempting to lead a new American Revolution. Apparently, Chuck even wants to be President of Texas. Looks like the crazy secessionists and militia-types have their national leaders now and they can finally start shooting people.

And by the looks of those comments in the first linked article those people are probably brown, Jewish, women with strong political voices and/or college educated LIE-BER-ALS2.

At any rate, I stopped reading my hometown paper because the crazy was infecting the comments section. I did not realize that our brand of crazy is so tame compared to the real crazy drifting to the top of this economic mudpit. But from reading what these people are saying, it’s not about the economy– unless they are so angry because they’ve lost their jobs and homes. It’s that they don’t accept that Obama is the duly elected president and there is no other way of getting him out of office3. Chuck Norris and Glenn Beck (gods curse their souls) are feeding on that irrational hatred and fear. Norris is probably is true believer– Beck is a media whore who’s trying to be the new Limbaugh.

From the Examiner:

The call by some right wing leaders for rebellion and for the military to refuse the commander in chief’s orders is joined by Chuck Norris who claims that thousands of right wing cell groups have organized and are ready for a second American Revolution. During an appearance on the Glen Beck radio show he promised that if things get any worse from his point of view he may “run for president of Texas.” The martial artist/actor/activist claims that Texas was never formally a part of the United States in the first place and that if rebellion is to come through secession Texas would lead the way.

Holy shitballs! He wants to take Texas and cut it the fuck out of the Union. I say “Go for it”, Chuckie! More power to you. Our country’s overall stats for killing people on death row will go down, our national I.Q. will probably go up4, and we’ll be done with you and Dubya for all of eternity. Well, until your new “countrymen” realize you suck ass as a President and they decide they want to be back in the good ol’ U.S.A. Good riddance to you, I say.

People like to claim that they’re pissed off about the stimulus and giving money to big corporations, but where were these same complaints when these same corporations were getting huge tax breaks (”welfare”)? Where were the complaints when companies were shutting their doors here and moving over there? Where were these complaints when companies like Halliburton were getting paid billions for jobs they weren’t even doing? These same people who are threatening rebellion didn’t have much to say about all of that. The “leaders” were getting fat off the pork from the government and they liked it. Now there’s a new administration and regular people are going to benefit from government “waste” and suddenly they care? Right.

The funniest thing about this stimulus brouhaha is that the country’s top economists are saying that there isn’t enough money being spent and they can’t be heard because the idiots with the microphones are doing all they can to shout loud enough to get the lessers stirred up. They use words like “welfare” to describe money being given to the states and laugh at words like “infrastructure”. The least intelligent among us hear their dog whistles and start screaming with them while the sensible people are drowned out5.

In the comments of my hometown paper there are a group of Birthers/naysayers that have nothing but scorn for Obama and the stimulus. Even as the headlines proclaim Ohio is getting millions and my hometown is up for a piece of that pie, they yell about waste. A few of us have piped up to try to make them understand that without jobs people can’t make money which means they can’t spend money and they have to go elsewhere to try to survive– taking their potential with them. They don’t hear it. Money is being given to the states by the feds which means that money is bad and is welfare and to hell with the people that can benefit from those jobs6.

My hometown is going to take that money and do some work on their infrastructure. They’re going to improve the street drainage system (which is a big point of contention considering they flood every time it rains– and the complainers complain)), widen some roads and work on the electrical grid (which causes a lot of grief during the rain, too). These projects require people to do them. That means employing local men and women– people who have probably lost good paying jobs elsewhere and who desperately need the money these new jobs will provide. These folks will then have money to keep their houses (real estate taxes will be paid), buy local goods and services (sales taxes will be paid) and will stay in the area with their hard-earned money. That will help the local economy which is exactly what the stimulus is supposed to do7.

So, I say let these idiots secede. That’s more money and jobs for the rest of us. Let them fend for themselves in their own little utopia and let the rest of enjoy a country free of their incessant bleating. They can have Texas (and Oklahoma, if they want) and we can get back to healing this country of the wounds left by Dubya et al. Let the crybabies cry and let the rest of us move on with our lives.

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  1. I spit on the man. []
  2. Not necessarily all combined, or in that order, of course. []
  3. Lefties always hoped for impeachment. []
  4. No offense, Monique Renae, but you know… []
  5. And this doesn’t even count the fuckheads who are still yelling that Obama isn’t a U.S. citizen. Good fucking grief… []
  6. Not likely to be the loudest complainers because those people are likely retired or haven’t held a job for years because they’re quite obviously mentally unbalanced. []
  7. I DO NOT agree with the whole stimulus, but I’m not an economist and don’t know the whole BIG picture with regards to the whole package. []

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