Can I getta clue?

Guess what? My “official” blogging career is officially 4 years old!1 Woot! Take that!2

Does that make me a “real” blogger now? Have I earned my wings? Am I there yet, people?

Recently I read yet another post from someone that thought they knew what a blog should be and what it shouldn’t be. This person, er, I mean, blogger must be one of those that doesn’t venture far from one particular type of blog and thus has NO FUCKING CLUE to what else is available for consumption in Ye Ole Blogovia. I love it when the blogging isolationists offer up their own vision of what blogging should be. Gods love ‘em. Except they irritate the shit out of me.

Anyway, what the fuck have I been up to lately? Not a whole lot, actually. I work (outside the home) 4 days a week, go to school 2 full days (more than 5 hours at a time, yo) and then do other shit that I kind of have to do. It’s a sad, sad state of affairs when real life interferes with time spent on the Interwebs, dontcha think? Honestly, folks, this is getting ridiculous.

Luckily for me I have a new thing going on which will require I be online at least once a day. Isn’t that the most bomb-diggity news? What do you mean you don’t care and that you’ve gotten over your addiction to me? C’mon, people, work with me here! I’ll actually be able to do some web traveling. That’s awesome in the most awesome way. I think.

I’m not making any promises because, as most of my regular readers know, I can’t possibly keep any promises I make. Not because I don’t care, but because I forget. Oops. That’s just me though.

One last plea: People, stop telling other people what the fuck should be on their own damned blogs. For real. If you don’t like personal stuff on blogs that you think should be political or you CAN’T FLIPPIN’ STAND blogs about, well, blogging3 then move along. ‘K? Just sayin’… That shit is irritating.

Peace, love and lollipops!

I like geeky stuff, politics, squirrels and monkeys.


Shock, shock, surprise, surprise– I’m alive. Didja miss me?1

I’ve been a little occupied with real life this last month or so as some of you know. This year was pretty serious, but any long-time readers know that there will be long(ish) periods of time when I just kind of drop off the face of the interwebs. After a while I always get sucked back in and am forced to blog again. This is why, dear readers, I haven’t killed Fab Jinxed. What’s the point? I’d just start a new blog. Pfft. Might as well just let this one sleep until I get interested enough to start posting again. </p

As some of you know, I loathe PUMAs. They smell of cabbage and make my eyeball twitch. I am, sadly, highly allergic to those 50 or so sad, sad creatures. During the election season, these lovely mavens of screeching rage were losing their minds because OMGHILLARYLOST!! After Obama won, they continued with the screeching and hair pulling. Now they’re in the midst of yet another battle: The Weblog Awards.

One of their own, called “The Confluence” (must use the Google, people), was in the running for “Best Liberal Blog” (the only thing “liberal” about this blog was that it had a liberal amount of OMGHILLARYLOST Syndrome and aforementioned screeching). Then Wonkette noticed that they were nominated against The Confluence. Wonkette sent out a short message to their readers that they wanted to beat a PUMA blog. Hilarity has since ensued.

The PUMAs have endorsed a winger blog called “Nice Deb” against one of my favorite small blogs, Rumproast. So, Wonkette endorsed Rumproast and any other blog that was up against a PUMA-endorsed blog. Considering Wonkette’s traffic, it was no wonder that all blogs they endorsed for the awards quickly took the lead. Now our dear Cabbage-eating kitties are crying foul and claiming that both Wonkette and Rumproast are using super-secret-uber-computer code to ruin the fun for them. Everyone with me now: Awwww.

Also, the comments at both Wonkette and Rumproast re: the snarling Cooters are quite hilarious for a while. Then they’re only funny if the stink of Cabbage-flavored panties makes your hair shrivel against your scalp and your toes twist into pretzel shapes. So, I don’t suggest you venture too far (unless, like me, you can’t look away at the amazing stupidity that are the PUMA collective). Oh! And vote for Rumproast, ~synthesis~ and anyone but the Flatulence — Just to keep their panties bunched up and all that jazz.

Ok, people, that is all.


Go with caution.

I like geeky stuff, politics, squirrels and monkeys.